How to Receive Android Notifications on Linux Desktop

Do you always check your phone when there is a new notification? If you are using a Linux desktop, you can now receive Android notifications directly on your desktop so you don’t have to keep checking your phone.

LinConnect is an Android app that can send notifications from your Android phone to Linux desktop. It works with almost every application.

For LinConnect to work, there are two components that you need to install: LinConnect server for the desktop and LinConnect client for the Android phone/tablet.

Installing LinConnect Server on Linux desktop

To get started, first download the LinConnect server package from the Github page. Extract the package. Within the LinConnectServer folder, you will find a file name “”. Run this in the terminal to install LinConnect Server.



Once installed, it will prompt you if you want to autostart LinConnect Sever on boot up and whether to run LinConnect Server now.


Alternatively, to start LinConnect server, run the “” script in the main folder.


Installing (and Configuring) LinConnect Client on Android Devices

Install the LinConnect Client For Android from the Google Play store.

Make sure that your Android phone is connected to the same WiFi network as the desktop. Open the LinConnect app and check the first box to enable the notification service.


In Step 2 of the “Setup” section, tap on it and check the box beside “LinConnect” to grant notification access to it.



LinConnect will now scan the network for a running server. Once detected, you can tap on the server to select it.


That’s it. LinConnect Client will now send incoming notifications to the desktop.


By default, LinConnect will enable notifications for all apps. However, if there is any app that you don’t want to receive notifications for on your desktop, or vice versa, you can configure them in the “Enabled applications” section. You can check/uncheck the apps that you want enabled to send notifications to the desktop.


1. LinConnect is still in alpha stage, so you might be able to find some bugs with the apps.

2. LinConnect is making use of the LibNotify package, which means the notification is read-only. You won’t be able to click on it to dismiss it or get it to perform a secondary action.


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