Really Useful Web Apps Brings Useful Web Apps to Your Desktop And Integrates Them All in One Place

Many of us are on a quest for a great all-in-one tool do it all. We also know it is impossible to make such an application. So we try countless pairing of programs, gadgets and other productivity voodoo in the hope of finding the magic combination.

Really Useful Web Apps has put together a really great combination pack for bloggers. It packs together 5 different applications that every person making a living online needs. You can grow this offering with both free and paid add-on apps.

What is included with the bundled applications are:

  • an account locker (password keeper)
  • code editor
  • project manager
  • task manager and
  • a dashboard to get a bird’s eye view of everything.


When you start the application, the dashboard will be your command center. It shows a snapshot and gives easy access to everything you typically use. This saves a ton of time jumping from your analytics site to email to calendar and so on.

really useful web apps dashboard

With add-ons for commonly used sites such as Mailchimp, Facebook and even your Xbox friends accounts, you can easily spot what may need your attention with a quick glance.

Integrated Code Editor

The code editor is a handy thing to have on board. When you are working on a project which requires you to create or modify Javascript, CSS, HTML, or a few others, you can import or start a new file right from the Project Explorer.

really useful web apps code editor

Project Explorer

The Project Explorer is a spot where you keep everything you are working on in one spot. Each time you create a new project, a new folder is created. All of the files are saved to this folder.

Create projects to manage files relating to whatever you’re working on. Project Explorer keeps files organized and adds useful features like website browsing to your files & folders.

You can create a numerous file types including a database, keyword lists, tasks, CSS and many more. These files will be kept together in the same folder for easy access.

Account Locker

The account locker is a built in password keeper. When you sign into an application or site, you are given the chance to save your credentials for later logins. According to the creators, your credentials are securely encrypted to your computer and only used when you are using Really Useful Web Apps.

Task Manager

The task manager lets you create a task list within each project. I like this feature a lot, because with many other applications you have categories and tags. While those are helpful, there is a chance you will get projects mixed up or tasks crossed. With an individual project list, you can work on and check off tasks as you are doing them.

really useful web apps task


The add-ons, or applets as they are called, are a big part of what makes Really Useful Web Apps so handy. You have several to choose from including different Google tools and one from Mailchimp. Some require an API from the original app or site.

To get the different applets on your dashboard, you simply go to the Add content link on your Really Useful Web Apps dashboard. You will be brought to a page showing all of the available free applets. If you choose to, there are also other free and paid applets in the app store. Access the store from the link at the bottom of the window.


As more applets become available, you will be more likely to use this Really Useful Web Apps as your everyday work destination. The integrated SEO and website comparison tools deserve a look.

really useful web apps seo

Here is a video from their blog talking about their website database tool.

The integrated browser is an older version of IE. I think it would be great to have Firefox, Chrome or even a newer version of IE as the browser. When you go to Google Docs, you have a header that says Google doesn’t support older versions of the browser.

Overall, the application shows a lot of promise. The packaging of very useful apps can make this a strong tool for people making a living on the web.

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