How to Reactivate ALT + F2 Shortcut in Gnome Shell in Ubuntu Oneiric [Quick Tips]

If you have used Gnome Shell in Ubuntu Oneiric, one of the things you might realize is that the “Alt + F2” shortcut keys to open the Run prompt is no longer working. In fact, the “Alt + F2” shortcut keys was disabled for unknown reason. After the “Can’t disable login sound” issue, this is yet another small issue that causes great irritation to the users.

Anyway, as with all Linux distro, you can customize almost everything you want. Here’s how you can fix the issue and reactivate the “Alt + F2” shortcut keys.

1. Go to System Settings and click the “Keyboard” icon.


2. Click on the “Shortcuts” tab. On the left panel, select “System”. On the right, select the first entry “Show the run command prompt” and click on “Disabled” to activate it. You should now see “New shortcut…”


3. Now, press “Alt + F2”. It should show on the screen.

That’s it. Close the window and restart the computer. Your “ALt + F2” shortcut key to activate the RUN prompt should work in the next boot up.


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