Snag the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B with Starter Kit and 5 Courses at 85% Off

Snag the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B with Starter Kit and 5 Courses

If you’ve always wanted to get your hands on a Raspberry Pi and enter the fun world of computing, now is the time – mainly because there’s a great deal available for just a limited time.

Currently, you can snag the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B along with a quick starter kit and five online courses (from Udemy). The Model B Pi is a new and improved model with more memory, faster output, and increased opportunity for electronic exploration.


The quick starter kit includes eight accessories to help you get the most out of your new Raspberry Pi. You’ll be able to play Minecraft right out of the box with the preinstalled Raspbian OS SD card. You’ll also get a WiFi USB adapter, ethernet cord, power adapter, USB cable, HDMI cable, and USB to TTL cable.


The five courses included in this bundle include:

  • Intro to Raspberry Pi – Get a crash course in using Raspberry Pi to perform basic computing functions with over 22 lectures and 1.5 hours of content.
  • Hardware Projects Using Raspberry Pi – Build Raspberry Pi-controlled physical devices with over 32 lectures and 1.5 hours of content.
  • Python Programming for Beginners – Master Python (commonly used w/ Raspberry Pi) with over 26 lectures and 3.5 hours of content.
  • PiBot: Build Your Own Raspberry Pi-Powered Robot – Master Raspberry Pi with over 19 lectures and 2 hours of content.
  • Introduction to Internet of Things Using Raspberry Pi 2 – Build a firm foundation on Internet of Things using Raspberry Pi 2 with over 20 lectures and 53 minutes of content.

The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B comes with 1 GB Ram, an ARMv7 quad-core processor, and 1080p video. It allows you to game, compute, and program up to six times faster than the previous Raspberry Pi. So, even if you have an older Raspberry Pi, this deal is worth the upgrade.

The Complete Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit

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