Use QuickTime to Easily Extract Audio from Video Files in Mac [Quick Tips]

When it comes to QuickTime, most people only think of it as a video player. The truth is, it is more than just a simple media player. It can also be used to record movie, audio and screen. And if you want to extract the audio (or music) from the music video file, QuickTime can do that as well, easily and quickly.

The steps to extract audio from video file are easy.

1. Open QuickTime in your Mac and load the video file. If it is playing, you can pause or stop it. The video doesn’t need to be playing to extract the audio file.

2. In the Menu bar, go to “File -> Export -> Audio only.” Save the file in your preferred location. The exported audio file will be in “.m4a” format (audio for mp4).



That’s it.

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