Quicksand: Sync Your Recently Opened Files Automatically [Mac]

Dropbox and any other cloud storage services are good for syncing files so you can access them on whatever devices you are on. However, the con is that you have to manually place the file(s) in the specific folder before it can be synced. There are times when you open a file for editing, but forget to place it in the sync folder, thus you won’t be able to edit it on another device. Quicksand for Mac is a small yet useful tool that automatically syncs your recently opened files to the cloud so you can readily access your recently opened files wherever you are.

Setting Up

To get started, simply head over to the QuickSand website and download the installer. Unzip the archive and run the application.


The first step is to select the location where you want the Quicksand folder to be located. Make sure you select your cloud storage folder, like Dropox or Google Drive. You will also be prompted to enter a name for the Quicksand folder.


Once you have set up the folder, the setup is completed, and it will continue to work in the background.


How it works is simple. Whenever you open a file, Mac OS X will keep a record of it. You can easily access your recently opened files under the Apple icon on the top left menu, in the “Recent Items” section. What Quicksand does is access these recent items and create a symlink from the files to the Quicksand folder, which will in turn be synced to the cloud.

If you access the Settings of Quicksand, there are several useful options that you can configure. You can limit the number of files to sync, the sync frequency and the maximum size of the Quicksand folder.


More advanced settings include the ability to define the folders or filetypes to sync or not to sync. This gives you fine-grained control over the type of files you want to include/exclude.


When Quicksand is running, there will be an icon in the menubar. From there you can click on it to get it to sync now.



Quicksand is a simple yet useful app for you to sync your recently opened files. It doesn’t require any access to your cloud storage login and is still able to work perfectly with your cloud provider. The good thing is that you only need to configure it once and it will run smoothly on its own. Do give it a try and let us know if you like it. It is free, though you are welcome to donate if you like the app.


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