How to Quickly Fast Forward YouTube Video With Your Keyboard [Quick Tips]

While watching YouTube videos, you might come across some scenes that are stupidly boring and you just want to skip ahead to get to the next interesting scene. Other than the mouse, you can also use the keyboard to quickly fast forward (or rewind) the YouTube video. Let’s see how it can be done:

Trick 1: Fast forward/Rewind the video

To fast forward the video, you just have to press the “right” arrow key on your keyboard. Similarly, press the “left” arrow button to rewind the video.

Trick 2: Skip to a particular section of the video

To skip to a particular section of the video, you can press “1, 2, 3…” or any number button to skip to 10%, 20%, 30%.. of the video. Press “0” to go back to the start.


1. Trick 2 does not work in full screen and embedded mode.

2. Both tricks work when the video is playing or is paused.

3. In Firefox, if you have enabled the “search for text when typing” feature, you will have to click on the YouTube player to give it focus before you can perform trick 2.

What other YouTube tricks do you know?

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