Quick Review: Firefox 3 Beta 3

Mozilla has released the latest beta of Firefox 3 for testers and early adopters. This latest beta includes many useful features and improved user interface. There is expected to be a beta 4 coming out in end February:

There will be a fourth beta and it is expected quite soon. Probably by February’s end. Release candidates could start by mid-March and hopefully on schedule for a first quarter final release. and release candidates could start by mid-March and hopefully on schedule for a first quarter final release.

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What’s new in Firefox 3 Beta 3?


The first noticeable change is the new keyhole-shaped back-forward button with a single drop-down history menu. This new icon is only available in WinXP and Vista. For Mac and Linux users, Firefox 3 beta 3 provides integration with the respective native themes to make it look like a native application.

The next obvious change is the relocation of the Home icon. It is now integrated to the bookmarks toolbar.

Better bookmarking


The Star bookmark icon on the location bar was featured since the first beta release of Firefox 3. In beta 3, the bookmarking process has become smoother. Clicking on the star icon bookmarks the site while a second click allows you to edit and add tags to the URL. There is a new “Remove Bookmark” button that allows you to remove the URL after it has been bookmarked. The “Delete” button at the bottom is now replaced with a “Cancel” button.

Easy Add-ons installation


The Add-ons Manager is now integrated with the Mozilla Add-ons repository. When you first open the Add-ons manager, it lists a series of add-ons recommendations that you can install from the Add-ons manager itself. If the extensions you want are not in the recommended list, you can also search for it using the search bar and install it without leaving the Add-ons manager.

Improved security


Firefox 3 beta 3 has also added enhancement in its security front-end. A green favicon with the company’s name now appears for authentic sites that are using the Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates.


This is only a quick review and there are still a lot of new features which I have not touched on yet. Nevertheless, I am pretty impressed with the changes and improvement. I can’t wait for the final release to be announced.
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A deep look to Firefox 3 beta 3


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