quanp send: Send Large Files From Your Desktop

In the past when the files are less than 1.44MB in size, you can simply save the file to a floppy disk and pass it to your friend. Now, when the file size are far bigger than a DVD can hold, you would have to think of an alternative method to send the files to your friends. To send large files online, most of them will think of sites like SendBigFiles, YouSendIt and etc. Now, there is a new player in the field and it allows you to send up to a whopping 500MB of files, right from your desktop.

quanp is an online storage service created by Japanese copier giant – Ricoh and quanp send is their latest product that integrates the sending of big files with the online storage service. When you sign up for quanp (currently in beta), you will receive a 10GB storage space for free (most online storage services only offer 2GB for free, so 10GB is a lot of space), and you can make use of this account to store and send large files to your friends.

quanp send usage

quanp send is available in Adobe Air format, so it is compatible with Windows and Mac. I have tried it in Linux too, but can’t get it to work.

Once you have installed quand send, you will see a widget on your desktop. The widget is 3D animated and you can choose between different interfaces: Mail, Wing, Parcel, Teleporter, or  Globe.


At any point of time, you can drag and drop the files (up to 500MB) you want to send to the widget. A window will open to prompt you for the recipient’s detail.


All your files will be uploaded and saved to your quanp online storage account. You can also click on the Advanced button to add tags and descriptions for the files.


Once you are done, simply click the Confirm setting button and the work is done.


The ability to send up to 500MB of files and a 10GB free online storage space is too good an offer to resist. What’s more, the desktop widget is easy to use and is compatible with both Windows and Mac make it even a better deal. If you are looking for ways to send big files online, I would strongly recommend quanp send.

Try it out and let us know what you think.