Quanp Adds Microsoft Office Addin, Allowing You to Manage Your Online Files

Quanp, the online storage service that gives you a whopping 10GB of free storage space has now come up with another way for you to utilize your account – Microsoft Office Addin. If you are not aware, quanp has been pretty active in developing interactive widgets recently to get people to use their storage services. Widgets like quanp send, quanp.drop and quanp.on are useful stuff that you can make use of.

With this latest quanp Office addin, you will be able to download, edit, upload and share your document directly from your Office.


The installation of the quanp addin is pretty straightforward. Simply download the exe file and double click to install it. If you have opened your Microsoft Office, you will need to close it for the installation to proceed.

When the installation is done, you will find the quanp icon in the ribbon of your office.



To use quanp, you must first register for a quanp account. This quanp account is also an online storage service and comes with 10GB of free space. This is also where your documents will be stored.

To register for a quanp account, you can either visit the sign up page or simply click on the quanp icon and select Download. It will prompt you to log in to your account or to register a new account.


Once you have signed up for a quanp account, you will be able to download, upload, or share file with your friends.


As the name implies, this allows you to download files from your quanp account and edit it in Word, Excel or Power Point.


You can select the file to download as well as the location to save the file.


To upload a file, you must first save the file. You will not be able to upload any unsaved work.


When uploading files, you can specify tags and description for the file so that it can be retrieved easily in the future.

Send file

The Send File function is rather misleading, because it doesn’t send really your file to your friends. What it does is to upload your file to your quanp account and email your friends the link to download it.


You can include up to 20 recipients in the mailing list and you can also customize the email subject and body message. The recipients will receive email something like the screenshot below:



Quanp addon is not the only addon for Microsoft Office to store your document in the cloud, and it is lacking collaborative feature and online editing function (just like Google docs). It works great if you just want to backup your document online, but that’s all.

What do you think? What features would you expect from such an online storage tool?

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