Qalculate is a Powerful Calculator For Linux

Regardless which platform you are using, there’s bound to be a calculator included in the stock OS. For simple calculation, these calculators work fine, but if you want to do more complex calculation, like solving an algebraic expression, it won’t make the mark.

Qalculate is a powerful calculator for Linux that can solve complex mathematical expressions, units conversion, graph plotting and many more sophisticated functions.

If you are using Ubuntu, you can get it from the Ubuntu Software Center, or just install it via the command:

Needless to say, which calculator doesn’t perform simple calculation?


What is different is that you can decide which format to display the answer. You can get it to show in fraction, decimal, or even binary, hexadecimal etc.


Be it algebra, geometry, statistics, economic, trigonometry or any other form of complex calculation, Qalculate can handle them all with ease.


Always wondering how many meters is 3.26 miles? Qaculate can handle all conversion units, be it length, weight, time, and even currency (exchange rate). Yes, you can even switch between UNIX timestamp and regular date.




This is a surprise to me, but Qalculate does come with a periodic table as well, and you can even get the information of each individual element.


I am not sure how many of you will need such complicated features in your calculator, but for those who need it, it is always good to know that such powerful tools exist at your fingertips. What other ways do you use to solve your complex mathematical expressions?


  1. Yet another reason why Linux is the best choice for academic and scientific tasks. And it does it in a very simple and elegant way at no cost. Some may argue that all that Qalculate does can be done by using Google for example, but in developing countries where the Internet access may be limited having such powerful tool can be greatly beneficial for school kids as well as local science folks.

    • I agree with you. The open source and power of Linux has proven useful in many industries. It shouldn’t be brushed aside by the public.

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