4 Ways to Put Windows Remote Desktop to Good Use

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The ability to control your computer at home from another system helps you access your system resources, files, and much more. Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is used for these connections and is the most secure way to connect to a remote Windows PC.

Here we examine the topmost ways to put your Windows Remote Desktop to good use.

1. Connect Remote Windows PCs

The biggest and most common use of Microsoft Remote Desktop is to access your remote Windows PC or laptop from another Windows system. You should have minimum Windows 7 SP1, 8.1, 10, or Windows Server, and the 64-bit version of Windows installed on both ends. You need Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise editions to access the system.

There are two ways to get started: you can either establish the connection over a Remote Desktop app for Windows 10 or run the application from Microsoft Store. For the former, you can open the program from the Start menu in administrator mode.

Windows Remote Desktop Access Startmenu 1

Go to your destination computer’s “System” settings and verify the name and username you use for login. It is better to save the credentials.

Microsoft Rd Computer User Details 1

As soon as you hit “Connect,” a remote connection will be initiated, and the two computers join each other. You must allow “remote connections to this computer” from the Start menu.

Microsoft Rd Computer Remote Connections 1

For Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise users, you can also connect from the Microsoft Store, which offers a more engaging user interface. Go to the relevant app and install it on your Windows 10 PC.  

Microsoft Rd Microsoft Store 1

Go to “+” to add a new computer for remote access. Get your target PC name and username details, and save it in the app.

Microsoft Rd Connect To Apps 1

You need to enable additional options including whether you need to connect to an admin session (without which the remote connection won’t occur), the screen resolution, and other session settings such as “starting the connection in full screen.” You can also start each connection in a new window if there is more than one remote PC involved.

Microsoft Rd Connection Settings

The saved user credentials for the remote PC have been saved. Now you only need to click on the user to get access to the remote PC.

Microsoft Rd Pc Added

You can enable additional options to prevent timeout, show desktop previews, and send anonymous data to Microsoft.

Microsoft Rd Timing Out Previews

Once the remote connections are established, you can get an overview of all the remote PCs through desktop previews.

Microsoft Rd Multiple Pcs Connected 1

2. Connect from Android/iOS

Apart from accessing remote Windows PC on another Windows device, you can also access it using iOS and Android apps.

Before downloading the apps on your phone, ensure that you have enabled “remote connections to the target computer” from its Start menu. You can also do it from “Remote Desktop Settings.”

Microsoft Rd Remote Access Settings 1

Keep “Enable Remote Desktop” slider turned on for the access from other computers or phones.

Microsoft Rd Remote Desktop Settings 1

Go back to the installed app on your phone and click “+” to add a new remote computer.

Microsoft Rd Android Add 1

Give a name to the remote PC based on About System settings, give it a friendly name, and make sure you can connect to the Admin session on your phone.

Microsoft Rd Android Settings 1

The remote desktop has been added to the phone. Now you only need to click it to establish access.

Microsoft Rd Android App Added

The connection for the remote PC with the phone is being established as shown below.

Microsoft Rd Android Installing 1

3. Configuring Remote Desktop (RD) Gateway

Windows Remote Desktop service can be used to configure the Remote Desktop (RD) gateway. It enables people to securely log in to their company’s Windows computers from any Internet-enabled device that’s running a Remote Desktop client app.

To configure such a remote desktop gateway on the client machine, go to the RD Gateway server settings.

Microsoft Rd Connect From Anywhere 1

Choose the automatic settings for establishing a connection. Otherwise, if your network admin has given you a server name or other logon credentials, enter those details. In that case, select “use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer.”

Microsoft Rd Remote Connection Gateway Enabled 1

If you have Remote Desktop installed on your mobile device as shown above, you can access “Gateways” in a side panel.

Microsoft Rd Android Gateways 1

Add the required gateway IP address and other details to establish a connection.

Microsoft Rd Add Account Gateway

4. Connect Local Devices and Resources

You may want to access specific local resources on a remote computer. This can be done from the “Local devices and resources” tab of the Microsoft Remote Desktop app (also from Microsoft Store).

The choices you have include specific hardware, printers, smart cards, webcams, drives, and more.

Microsoft Rd Remote Devices 1

Are you not satisfied with Microsoft Remote Desktop? You can use other remote access apps like TeamViewer, Chrome Remote Desktop, or AnyDesk. What other ways have you used Microsoft Remote Desktop? Please let us know in the comments.

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