How To Push Web Links To Other Browsers In Google Chrome

SendTab is a fast and easy way to share and instantly open web links from one device to another, with literally just two clicks. If you find yourself having to tediously save or email a link to yourself to open it in another PC or mobile device, then this nifty Chrome extension will be of great help.

One thing to remember about SendTab is it’s not another bookmark saving/sharing app. It doesn’t save a link to be retrieved later. Instead, it sends and receives a link in real time and immediately opens it in a new tab within the browser.

The first thing to do is to set up and install the extension on all devices and add them to SendTab’s network.┬áIf you intend to use it between several computers, then you’ll have to install the extension for Chrome or the bookmarklet for Firefox.

The next step is to register to the SendTab network. Go to and register. Registration only requires a user name, password and email address and needs only to be done once. Upon registration, you will be prompted to give a group name for your SendTab network, along with a name for your first device.


The device name is usually the location such the couch, your office or anywhere that device is accessed. Once you are done, you can now start adding more devices to include in your SendTab network.

To add your devices, click on the icon on the top right corner of your browser. Clicking on this for the first time will give you the Connect button. Click on this to go to SendTab’s login page. Enter the group name you have assigned to your network when you registered, along with the password.


If you are accessing SendTab from a second device, you’ll need to add that device by assigning a computer name. Under the field “Where are you right now?”, you can indicate the location from where the device is accessed, and it will automatically be called by “browser @ location”. In my case, I named the computer Office, so the computer name will show as “Chrome @ Office”.


You can also install SendTab for Safari and follow the same instructions to add the device into your SendTab network.

Once all your devices are set up, you can now click on the add-on icon while inside a webpage and click on the computer name that you want to send it to, or you can click on All Devices to send it to all devices within your network.


The page automatically opens after a few seconds on the receiving device. You don’t have to do anything else, just wait a few seconds and it should pop up on a new tab.

SendTab also stores a history of sent and received links, and this is easily viewed by clicking on the add-on icon and clicking on History.


You can also download the iPhone and Android apps from their respective stores if you want to take it further into your mobile devices.

Kim Barloso
Kim Barloso

Kim is a freelance tech writer who loves to explore mobile and web applications.Visit her blog, Kim The Writer, where she gives freelance writing advice.

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