Pushbullet: Push Links and Files From Chrome or Firefox to Your Android Device

Pushbullet is an extension/add-on for Chrome and Firefox that allows you to send links, notes and files to your Android device with the fewest steps possible. You’ll need to install the extension and the Android app for the file transfers to work. The Pushbullet Android app is free from the Play Store, and you would need to register it with a Gmail account. The same goes with the Pushbullet extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Once the extension is installed, you will have a green bullet icon on the top right corner of your browser. If you’re not yet logged in to your Gmail account, the icon will have a drop down as shown below:


Click on the “Sign up” button and fill in the next window with your Gmail user name and password.


Once signed in, you’ll need to grant access to Pushbullet with your basic Gmail information. Click on the “Accept” button to continue the registration process.


Once done, you will see the Pushbullet main screen with the Push dialog box ready to be used. Here, you can select which devices you can push the files/links to and even see in your inbox all files that were pushed between all devices.


You can also access this same function by clicking on the bullet icon on the top right corner of the browser. Since you’ve already registered your Gmail account, this will be what the drop down menu will look like:


In the example above, I’ve clicked on an article here in Make Tech Easier. When I click on the bullet icon, the drop down is defaulted to show the title of the page and the link. To send it to the Android device, click on the green “Push it!” button. Your Android device will show a notification of the sent link within a few seconds.

To send files, click on the bullet icon again and click on the paperclip button. Click on the link to go to Pushbullet.com.


In the next window, specify to which device you are sending the file. In this example, the file is being sent to an HTC Sensation Android phone. Then select or drag the file into the attachment field and click on “Push it!”. You should be getting the file in your device in under a minute. Note that only files have a size limit of 25 MB each.

Pushbullet is a faster way of sending files, links and other information to your Android device which can be done conveniently from your Chrome or Firefox browser. This makes the extension a handy tool for those who are in a hurry and need things on their device as quickly as possible.

Kim Barloso
Kim Barloso

Kim is a freelance tech writer who loves to explore mobile and web applications.Visit her blog, Kim The Writer, where she gives freelance writing advice.

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