How to Access and Purchase eBooks From Kindle App Outside Of USA

Be it the Kindle device or the Kindle app for your PC, iPhone, iPad or Android, there is no doubt that Amazon has provided a quick and good platform for most of us to buy, download and read ebooks. The problem is, if you are located outside of United States, you will find that you won’t be able to download the Kindle app, or to purchase some (if not, all) of the ebooks from the Kindle store. I have recently got a ASUS transformer tablet and I am not able to purchase any ebook from the built-in Kindle app. Here’s what I did to unlock the app.

For Kindle device

1. If you do not have an Amazon account, go to and create an account (skip this step if you already have an account).

2. Once you have registered an account, go to “Manage your Kindle” page and click the “Country Setting” at the left bottom corner.


3. Change your country to “United States”. If all you need is an account to purchase and download ebooks (and not buying physical product from Amazon), it is better to change your address to a US-based address. There are plenty of online services that can provide you with a free US-based address, just google for it. Personally I used


4. Register your credit card detail. It doesn’t have to be a US-based credit card, as long as it is valid.

5. That’s it. You should be able to purchase ebooks from Kindle store now. Amazon does check the IP address from time to time, so when purchasing ebooks, it is best to connect to a US VPN. is one VPN service that you can use for free.

For Android devices

The problem with Android is that the Amazon Kindle app is not available in the market for devices located outside of United States. The best way is to search for the kindle apk app online and manually install it in your device. XDA developers forum would be the best place you want to visit for this.

Once you have downloaded and install the app, you can follow the steps above to purchase ebooks from the Kindle store.

For iOS devices

The only restriction here is your iTunes account. As long as your iTunes account is an US account, you will be able to download the Kindle app.

1. Follow the steps here to create an App Store account without a credit card. Remember to choose “United States” as the country.

2. Open your iTunes. Log out of your existing account and log in to this newly created account.

3. Search and install the Kindle app. Sync it with your iOS devices.

Purchasing ebooks from the Kindle app in iOS devices

Ever since Apple changed their in-app purchase policy, Amazon has also changed the way ebooks are purchased for the iOS Kindle app. For your info, you won’t be able to purchase ebooks directly from the app now.

To purchase/download ebooks:

1. Open your mobile Safari and go to the Kindle bookstore site.

2. Log in to the US account that you have created. Search for the books that you want to purchase/download.

3. Click the “Buy now with 1-click.” and select your iOS device in the “Deliver to” dropdown field.

4. When you are done with the purchase, you will see a button “Go to Kindle For iPad”. Click on it.

That’s it. Your Kindle app will launch and download the ebook to your collection.


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