Create Stunning Photos with Professional Photo Editing Bundle

Do you want your photos to look as amazing as the others you see online? Perhaps you often wish you knew the photographers’ secrets. You won’t have to wonder or wish anymore with the Professional Photo Editing Bundle. You’ll learn to use Adobe Lightroom and will pick up skills in taking and editing night photos, taking perfect sunset shots, editing landscape photos, and creating time-lapse effects with light trails. You’ll be a digital photography expert by the time you finish these courses.

This photo editing bundle includes the following five courses.

Edit Like a Pro 1: Navvy on the Liffey – Learn specific photo-editing techniques in Adobe Lightroom to improve your night shots.

  • Thirteen lectures and thirty minutes of content
  • Learn how to use Adobe Lightroom to edit night photos
  • Discover how to use global and local adjustments, alter white balance, and apply radial filters

Edit Like a Pro 2: Beckett Bridge at Sunset – Pick up new techniques to take perfect sunset shots.

  • Fifteen lectures and one hour of content
  • Work with color tones and contrast
  • Create an HDR merge
  • Learn to apply sharpening, radial filters, and adjustment brush


Edit Like a Pro 3: Light Trails on O’Connell Street Bridge – Create amazing time-lapse effects in your photos by implementing light trails.

  • Thirteen lectures and thirty minutes of content
  • Learn how to shoot and combine multiple light-trail images
  • Use Lightroom to merge and edit files
  • Fix verticals with the Transform tab
  • Use Tone Curve and Sharpening tools

Edit Like a Pro 4: Castletown Stately Home – Work with a landscape image of a classic home to learn photo editing.

  • Twenty lectures and one hour of content
  • Use Lightroom to explore photo editing and color grading
  • Learn about the basic panel and tone curve tab
  • Produce professional-looking monochrome images using Nik Silver Efex Pro 2

Photo Magic! 7 Easy Tips for You to Get Superb Night Photos – Learn to avoid the dark blur and take and edit spectacular night photos.

  • Ten lectures and thirty minutes of content
  • Learn proper techniques of snapping night shots
  • Discover how to create traffic trails
  • Learn about the benefits of using ISOs for clean blacks

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Professional Photo Editing Bundle

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