Productively Manage Multiple Windows Using AquaSnap

If you are on a Windows machine, you know there is a severe shortage of pre-installed applications to help you manage your open windows. The best you can do with most versions of Windows is minimize using the Windows button + M. Windows 7 has some better features to help.

Whether you are looking to be a bit more flashy or want to increase your productivity, AquaSnap is a freeware application you will want to look into. Having a better way to productively manipulate a multitude of open windows is especially useful when you have a dual monitor setup.

Aside from looking pretty fancy, AquaSnap will dramatically increase productivity for those of you who work with multiple windows. Here is how it helps.

There is a couple of problems I know I always run into when working on a project that involves multiple windows to be open.

  1. Constantly toggling back and forth between windows.
  2. Needing to re-size windows to make several visible at the same time.

AquaSnap solves both of these deficiencies in the Windows OS along with other time-saving features.


While moving a window around the screen, the window being moved is automatically moved to the front. Because of the size and opacity of the window, you may not be able to see what is directly underneath.

If you activate the AquaGlass feature, the window you are moving will become see-through. You can choose how transparent the window is in the settings



I am really getting used to having this feature. What AquaShake adds to the mix is one of two choices when you click, hold and shake the front-most window. You have your choice of one or the other.

The first is to minimize the alll of the windows other than the window you are shaking.

The second choice is to make the window you shake stay on top of all of the other windows.

If I could have my wish, I would like to do both. Maybe shake up and down to make the window stay in front and side-to-side to minimize the others.


AquaStretch is another time saving feature. The end result is similar to the AquaGlass feature. If you need to make the window stretch from top to bottom or side-to-side, simply drag the edge of the window to the top or side of the page.



AquaSnap lets you re-size windows to ½ or ¼ the normal size by dragging the screen to one of 8 places on the screen. Depending on where you drag it, the window will be instantly re-sized.

In the settings, you can choose between 3, 4or 8 locations on the screen to drag the windows to. You can also pick and choose the locations by selecting custom.



In the appearance tab, you can select a few different options to customize the look of the application. There is an option for changing the skin.

This personalization is not seen until you use a feature like AquaSnap. You will see the variation of the skin you have chosen when you drag the window to the edge of the screen, but before you release the mouse button.


Keyboard shortcuts

  • [ WIN + Arrow ] or [WIN + NUMPAD] for snapping.
  • [ Ctrl + WIN + Arrow ] or [ Ctrl + WIN + NUMPAD ] for stretching.
  • [ WIN + Return ] or [ WIN + NUMPAD_5 ] for unsnapping or maximizing.
  • [ WIN + Del] or [ WIN + NUMPAD_0] for minimizing.
  • [ WIN + Esc ] to close the window.

Adding these features to your Windows machine will surely add some productivity to your normal activities. I know I have had an easier time working since I have been using the AquaShake and AquaSnap features. They have become a big part of how I manage my open windows.

How do you productively handle multiple windows open on your screen?

Trevor Dobrygoski
Trevor Dobrygoski

Trevor is a freelance writer covering topics ranging from the Android OS to free web and desktop applications. When he is not writing about mobile productivity, He is coaching and playing the world's greatest game... Soccer.

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