Study Shows Your Private Data Is Most Safe with Apple

Where is your data the safest?

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It’s difficult to know who to trust with your private data. Certainly, we’ve been warned against sharing it with the big five tech companies: Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter. Apple claims they protect your private data more, but do they really? One study says they do, at least in comparison to the other four big tech companies.

Where Is Your Private Data the Most Safe

There is no shortage of news stories showing which tech company is now exploiting your private data. Google and Facebook seem to be the ones we hear about most, though there are stories in the news about all of them, most recently Twitter, with its former head of Security sharing a whistleblower account.

Trading and investment website published a study showing which among the big five tech firms were collecting the most and least personal data. Not so surprisingly, Google is collecting the most, and Apple is collecting the least personal data.

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Apple only stores the information it needs to maintain its users’ accounts. While that’s great to know, it’s also important to realize that a major reason behind this is that it doesn’t maintain a website that relies on advertising – the opposite of Google and Facebook.

In terms of the types of different information collected, Apple collects 12, Facebook 14, Amazon 23, Twitter 24, and Google 39.

Again, Google isn’t a surprise, but 39 different types of information are, along with Twitter collecting more than Facebook. But look at how many formats Google has to collect your data: Search, Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Workspace, Android, etc.

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What may give people the most pause, however, is that Google keeps location data on users. And that’s a reason for many iPhone users to stick with iOS Maps.

Certainly, search data is a real concern as well, which has made DuckDuckGo extremely popular, both the search engine and the fairly new browser.

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If you don’t want any company keeping data on you, there really aren’t many choices. Certainly, if you want to be on social media, you need to realize you’re giving up the exclusivity of your personal data. It would be difficult, but you could find a way to avoid Google, Apple, and the rest of the big five, but the smaller replacements you end up with could also collect your private data.

But the only way to be 100 percent sure no tech company is keeping your personal data is to stay off the Internet, email, mobile phone, etc. Read on to learn how to remove all of your personal data from the Internet.

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