Apply Prisma Effects to Your Photos from Your Desktop


Prisma is a revolutionary photo filtering app that uses artificial intelligence to apply filters to your photos. Ever since the app was first announced for iOS, it created a buzz around the web, and you have likely seen the photos that were edited with this app on various social media channels.

After originally being available for iOS, the company rolled it out for Android as well. With it only working on these mobile operating systems, people who use their desktops more than their smartphones will be a little disappointed not being able to use it on their machines.

Fortunately, there’s now a way for you to apply Prisma filters to your photos right from your desktop. It uses the Telegram messaging service and a bot to apply the amazing Prisma effects to your photos without leaving your desktop.

Applying Prisma Effects to Your Photos from Your Desktop

To do the following task all you need to have is a Telegram account, which can be created for free if you do not already have one.

1. Open a web browser on your desktop and head to the Telegram Web Client page.

Once there, choose your country from the drop-down menu, and then enter your cell phone number in the appropriate field. Click on “Next” on the top to sign in to your Telegram account.


2. Confirm your number on the following screen, and click on “OK” to move forward.


3. Telegram will send a code to your phone number. Enter the code into the Telegram website, and click on “Next” on the top to move forward.

If you did not receive a code via SMS, Telegram will call you with your code so you can input it on the website.


4. You should now be logged in to your Telegram account. Head to the Prisma Bot for Telegram page to add the bot to your contacts list.

Once there, click on the “Start” button to start interacting with the bot.


5. You can now send commands to the bot using the web messenger.

First, you will want to know the list of all the filters you can apply to your photos. To get the list type in /filters as a message, and click the “Send” button.


6. Select a filter from the list, and then click on the image icon in the messenger to send a photo to the bot so that it can apply the Prisma effects to it.


7. The photo will then be sent to the bot. The bot should tell you that your photo is processing.


8. As soon as the photo has been processed, the bot will send it back to you in the messenger with the chosen filter applied on it.



If you love the effects of Prisma and would prefer to apply them to your photos from your desktop, the guide above should help you do that.

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  1. I only have an Android tablet but must I also have a cell phone (i.e., will a landline do?) for this to work?

    1. Hi dan,

      You only need a cell phone number to create an account with Telegram. After that, you can use just about any browser to do the above procedure in.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Hi Mahesh,
        Since I do not have a cell phone to create a Telegram account I cannot use Prisma – correct?

        1. Hi dan,

          I’m afraid you can’t use the above procedure if you do not have a Telegram account (and a Telegram account requires you to have a cell phone number).

          Do you not have a phone number where you can receive an OTP (One Time Password)?

          1. Mahesh,
            I have a landline phone # – will that do?
            If not and I were to ask a friend if I could use his cell #, what would his consequences be?

  2. Hi dan,

    I’m not sure if that will work as Telegram sends an OTP and landlines can’t receive SMS, so you won’t be able to confirm your number with Telegram.

    However, Telegram does give you a call if you do not get an SMS and I think that can work for you.

    Just give it a try on the Telegram site and see if it works.


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