Quick and Easy Way to Create a Printable List of Google Contacts

Quick And Easy Way To Create A Printable List Of Google Contacts

All your contacts in Gmail can be downloaded to your PC to keep them with you offline. However, the downloaded file is in .csv format which is just a big mess. You will need at least an hour to line up all the contacts, and if you are thinking of printing them, you are going to have a difficult time. Thankfully, there is a software available for this that can save you hours of work.

GoogleTel is a tiny freeware software that will automatically arrange your downloaded Google contacts in .html format so you can easily print them. In this post we will show you how to create a printable list of Google contacts using GoogleTel.

Note: GoogleTel will only arrange contacts that have a dedicated number, unlike the .csv file that may even contain names and emails of people who you may have interacted with. GoogleTel is for Windows only.

Download Contacts from Gmail

Before you arrange Google contacts for printing, you need to download them first. To do so, go to Gmail and click on the “Gmail” drop-down menu button above the “Compose” button. From the menu, click on “Contacts,” and all your contacts will be shown.


Now click on the “More” button, and select “Export” from the menu. A dialog will open where you can select which contacts to download; you can either specify a specific type of contacts – like Friends or Family – or just download all the contacts. When you are done selecting contacts, click on “Export” and the .csv file will be downloaded to your Downloads folder.



Convert .CSV file into Printable .HTML Format

After downloading GoogleTel you will have to extract it to your desired location as it will be in .zip format. Once extracted, you will see two main files: GoogleTel.css and GoogleTel.exe. GoogleTel.css contains formatting options such as font style, size and margins, etc., but you will have to edit them manually, so be careful. GoogleTel.exe will be used for converting the .csv file.


To convert, the .csv file must be located inside the GoogleTel folder which you just extracted. Copy the Google contacts .csv file and paste it into the GoogleTel folder just like in the image below.


Once the file is copied, launch the “GoogleTel.exe” file, and an .html file will be immediately created in the same folder.


All you need to do is open the new .html file, and your default browser will open all your contacts in a new tab. The contacts will be arranged in numerical order by name, phone number and email address (if available) with a complete white background perfect for printing.


Right-click anywhere in the window and select “Print” from the context menu (or directly press “Ctrl + P”). You will see the options to make your print perfect, such as change layout, paper size, margins and quality, etc. Just click on the “Print” option below when you are done customizing to print the Google contacts.



Tip: You cannot edit the .html file when it is opened in the browser. If you need to make any edits before printing, right-click on the .html file and select “Edit” from the context menu. Your contacts will load in your default editor, such as Microsoft Word.


GoogleTel is a great little application that should come in very handy if you need to manage your Google contacts. The default options work fine, and you should have no problem using the software. You can check out the official GoogleTel website for more details or comment below if you need any clarification.

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