How to Print From Your Android Phone

One of the things smart phones of every kind have had issues with is printing. More than a few times, I have to upload a document on my tablet to Dropbox so I can print it from my computer. It is a troublesome chores.

Cloud Print is an app for your Android that allows you to remotely print from Android phone. The process is pretty straightforward to setup and print. Let’s take a look at how to do that.

Starting out, you will need to log into your Google Account. Cloud Print is a Google App and connects your Android to your printer by way of your Google Account. Once you are all logged in, you will need to setup your printer to work with the cloud printing service.


Head on over here to see if you have a compatible printer. If you don’t see your printer on this list, take a look at this page to see how to get your printer working.

Now that the cloud printing part is up and running, you will need to download the Android app. Head on over to the Google Play Store either on your Android device or your computer and install Google Cloud Print.

The Google Cloud Print Android app needs to connect to your Google Account in order to access the cloud printer you have set up earlier. If you have more than one Google Account or Google Apps email account on your phone, you can select the right one from the drop-down. It defaults to your main Google Account.


When you have the app downloaded, opened and logged into your account, you will see all the documents that you have previously printed. Since I have used the service before, there are a couple of files shown.


When you have a file to print, you can go about uploading it a couple of different ways. The first is to have the file open. I use OfficeSuite Pro (paid) for all of my document reading and editing.

You should see a “Print” option in the Menu section.


The second option is to open Cloud Print and select the file to print from your Android.


Next, you will see the list of printers you’ve setup.


After you have selected the printer to print your document, it will bring you to the Options page where you can configure the print settigns.


Once you have the settings set to your liking, then press the print button. Your PDF will be sent to the queue and printed as soon as your printer can.


When you work while mobile, there are workarounds needed for some of the things office workers take for granted. Using an app like Google Cloud Print to print from your Android phone is a great way to save you some steps and be more efficient. This is not a new Google feature. In fact it is about a year or more old. The addition of the Android app is what really makes this a type of service useful.

Do you have a better alternative to print from your Android phone? Let us know how you do it in the comment section below.