Snippet: How to Print Files Remotely Using Dropbox

HP and other manufacturers are gearing up to release a set of new printers that will allow the user to remotely print document. If you are using Dropbox you can have this same functionality now.

Amit Agarwal at Digital Inspiration has written a simple VBS script that allows files uploaded to Dropbox to automatically print.

To set-up the remote printing function you must do the following

1. Install Dropbox

2. Download the zip file

3. Double-click the eprint.vbs file. A sub-folder (PrintQueue) will be created inside your main Dropbox folder.

Now any file that is placed inside the PrintQueue folder will automatically be printed. There is no need to run any additional commands or navigate any dialog boxes.

I have tested this with a variety of files, including txt, doc, xls, and jpg and they all print without any problems. Of course if you require any specific formatting you will have to manually do this before uploading the file into the PrintQueue folder.

The PrintQueue folder can be used with other computers (that have Dropbox) or with smartphones that have the Dropbox application installed. For example, I installed the Android Dropbox application and uploaded a txt file from my phone into the PrintQueue folder. This file immediately printed out.

* the vbs script is for Windows only.

via: Digital Inspiration

Image credit: MShades


  1. There must be a way to do this in OSX and Linux using a script

  2. This should be relatively easy in Linux as well. I might as well look into writing a Linux version of it.

    1. Cheers. That would be very helpful.

  3. In Windows 7 the “Print Pictures” Dialogue box pops up making automatic printing of dropped pictures impossible without going to the server PC and clicking print.

    1. That’s quite an irritation. Have you figured out a way around it by any chance?

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