What Is the Primary Use of Your Tablet [Poll]

Tablets are becoming more and more prevalent in our daily computing lives. They’re cheaper than a computer and definitely more portable. As we pointed out in a recent article, tablets are good for doing many things other than just the basics, but everyone uses them differently. What is the primary use of your tablet?

Whether you have an iPad, an Android, or another tablet altogether, it has infinite uses, but you already have a space carved out in your life for just how you like to use it. At first glance tablets seem to be an easy tool for keeping up with email and browsing the Internet. But with the advances made with apps, it seems there’s an app for almost everything you would want to do on your computer. Basically a tablet can almost double for a laptop computer if you allowed it, and it is even more portable. Many of the apps perform just the same as they do on your mobile phone. It’s a great way to do your mobile computing, except with a larger screen. With all the great ways to view and listen to media, it can function as a great television outlet or MP3 player. It can also function well as a gaming device or an e-reader.

How about you? Do you use your tablet as if it’s a bigger version of your phone or one of its many other uses?

What is the primary use of your tablet?

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  1. Consider another survey by real ‘Use’ … email, photos, social networks, etc.
    This survey may be better posed as ‘what device does the tablet replace?’

  2. Actually, I use my Android tablet as a news reader, a TV, a weather reporter, an access point to my favorite online websites, a YouTube viewer, a GPS with maps, a direction finder, an e-book reader, a photo viewer, an MP3 player, a game playing station, a PIM, a movie adviser, an e-mail reader/communicator, plus many more functions. It is a portable computer. The only downsides are: it has a short battery life, limited storage capacity, and no keyboard.

    1. Short battery life? You mean your laptop has a long battery life? For me one charge of the tablet in 3 days is very satisfactory.

  3. My ipad I only use as a board for cutting onions, cheese etc. My Android tablet I use for internet etc.

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