How to Instantly Preview Web Fonts on any Web Site in Real-Time

How to Instantly Preview Web Fonts on any Web Site in Real-Time

Have you ever wondered how your website would look with a different type of font? Maybe you’d like to be able to test out and preview different web fonts before switching to a new one. On the other hand, maybe your favorite website has horrible font and you want to change it so that it’s easier to read. Luckily, TypeWonder is an online tool that makes this super easy; it lets you preview web fonts on any web site on the fly.

Just visit TypeWonder’s website, type in the URL of the website whose font you want to change and click on “GO!” You can then choose the font type that you want to use and click on “Use!” Each font type has a rating and preview, and you can sort by name or popularity.

These are the steps needed to test web fonts with TypeWonder.

Once directed to the website, you should see the new web font applied to it. It will only be applied to that page. When you go to a new page, you’ll see the default font; however, you can easily change the font again via the “Change Font” button at the top of the page. If you like the font, you can click on “Get Code” at the top, which you can add to your website in order to permanently change your font.

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