How to Prevent and Report Online Harrassment and Cyberstalking

Online relationships certainly have evolved since the time of MySpace, and with that comes a number of fallbacks. This includes the idea that people can gather more information about you than ever before.

So how does one report online harassment or cyberstalking? First and foremost, if you are in immediate danger, please call 911 or your country’s emergency line. This is not stuff to be taken lightly. If things are just now getting a bit weird and unprofessional, read along, and we will try to get the situation sorted out.

Let Them Know


Have you tried speaking with the person directly? If not, this is a great way to solve the issue. It takes a good bit of courage, that is for sure, but letting them know that what they are doing is not okay is the best route to take. This way there is no confusion in regards to who believes what. Your ideas are firm. Furthermore, a lot of people may not know that their stalk-ish behaviors are not normal or frowned upon. This is why a direct approach can really remedy the problem.

Do Not Accept Friend Requests that Look Oddly Fake


This should be a no-brainer, but it is not unheard of for your ex to create social media accounts with photos of seemingly attractive women/guys to seek your attention. These accounts usually feature very low resolution photos, and not many of them for that matter. There will not be any mutual friends, either. I recommend that you avoid accepting any of these. Seriously, do not get close to it – even with a ten-foot pole.

Drop Off the Grid


I am sorry to say, but one of the safest ways to be 100% certain that a specific someone will not be able to find you is to stop using social media altogether. That stated, you could always try using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to hide your web traffic and create new accounts under an alias.

How to Report It

  • Report Fake Accounts and Send Direct Support Emails. – Email, or even call, the social media company in which fake accounts are surfacing. Whether these accounts are of you or another individual, they do not belong anywhere online. Identity theft IS a crime, so these companies will have no problem getting it sorted out for you.
  • Contact the authorities. – Even if you are not in immediate danger of your life, do still contact the authorities – especially if the perpetrator lives locally. Call the non-emergency administrative line in this case rather than 911. This can be a great way to put the person under the eyes of the law. Get the IP address of your attacker written down, so that you can present it to the authorities. Do the same with screenshots of previous interactions.


Have you ever been cyberstalked or otherwise harassed online? How was the experience, and how did you remedy the situation? Let us know in a comment.

Again, if you have an immediate fear for your life – please contact the authorities. That is why they are there. Cyberbullying and harassment is a federal crime, and it is not to be taken lightly.

Corbin Telligman Corbin Telligman

I'm a junior at UT Dallas, a tech enthusiast, an adreneline junkie, and a coffee fanatic.


  1. Good read. We should aware more and more people on this. As we use internet for fun but do not consider its side effect. Purevpn also raising awareness for cyberstalking

  2. How does your advice square with the recent case of a man being goaded into committing suicide by his girlfriend through the use of the Internet? He certainly was bullied and harassed. Why didn’t he confront her or report her?

    Your advice sounds very logical. However, the problem is that to report cyber harassment, cyber bullying and/or cyber stalking, one has to have a certain level of self-confidence or self-assurance. Many cyber harassment victims do not have that self-confidence. It is analogous to domestic violence victims. They do not have the self-assurance to fight back or to get out of the relationship.

    Articles such as this one are usually written by individual who have never been harassed, bullied or stalked, or who have high self-esteem and are secure within themselves. Nancy Reagan used to give similar type of advice to drug addicts – “Just say NO”

    1. I wholeheartedly agree, and that is why yes, it does take a degree of self responsibility for one to realise that a problem exists and then act on it. Luckily, if someone were to search for and find an article such as this, it means they are already on the right track for finding the help they need. :)

  3. I guess its because I was raised in the 60’s and 70’s that I don’t subscribe to “cyber” anything. Sorry. I know this will offend some people, but when I was a kid?…growing up and getting “bullied” meant that there was a “small-horse” sized kid who was usually as dumb as a bag of light bulbs, who was picking on you, or beating you up at school. This “notion” that someone can MAKE you do ANYTHING through JUST THEIR WORDS!? Is nonsensical and ridiculous. (I told ya….this would sound callous, and would offend!) You claim that someone is MAKING you poison yourself?….BECAUSE OF WHAT THEY SAID?…….ON AN ONLINE FORUM NO LESS!? That is truly sad. I was raised as a black male in the 70’s and I’ve lived through stuff that would make someone want to kill themselves, from people using “that word” to speak to my mother and siblings to being denied proper education. So these people today who whine about being “offended” by what people are TYPING AT A KEYBOARD over 100 miles AWAY? Yeah….no sympathy there. You wanna stop the cyber-bullying?…..wanna get through the day without having to fear being “attacked” while online?….heres the solution: Unplug The Damn Computer. How ’bout THAT!?…..INSTANT relief from bullies, thugs, and anyone else who makes your online experience uncomfortable. While I get that everyone is different, and that no one can know what someone else is feeling inside?… have got to draw a line somewhere, and blaming others for your own actions and then claiming you acted off of their words. is a poor excuse. The ONLY exception to this is if you’re mentally impaired or suffer from a mental disorder. Other than that?….you should have been raised to ignore what people think of you and to live your life as you see fit. I have a son and I’ve raised him to be just as indifferent to what people say online about him….his family…his education etc…as if the news was broadcasting a story about the benched player on the NY Mets, who got a splinter in his thumb. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT YOU ONLINE!…you have a worth and a value to someone…..somewhere, and possibly more than just one someone! The only way to elimintate this kind of thing is to STOP GIVING IT A VOICE AND A POWER over people! When someone realizes that their jibes, insults etc are INEFFECTIVE on you?….they go away….its like the animal that thinks you’re frightened of it…as long as you continue to show fear that animal will menace you…..but whip out a shotgun and stand your ground?….level it at that beast and let it SEE that you’re not afraid at all?….and you’d be surprised how SOME animals will just slink away. If you can build up your mind to the point where what people say online become ineffective, and then YOU teach someone else….and THEY teach someone else, eventually? this so-called “cyber bullying” will fade away. What’s really disheartening?…..what really upsets me? Is that if you look at countries like China…or Russia?. there’s like almost NO CASES of this thing taking place there!… what makes us here in America different?….have we gotten THAT weak and soft-skinned that we can’t deal with other people’s words? Sad. Just so very sad.

    Now….I know I’m going to get a lot of the “how dare you” and “You don’t know how it feels” replies….so everyone?…”Start Your Engines”!…LoL!

    1. I mostly agree with you. However, in one respect, you are wrong. If during your formative years the “loved ones” around you kept running you down, kept telling you you’re worthless and that you will never amount to anything, by the time you become an adult you will have no self-confidence, you will be easily intimidated by anybody. IOW, you will be a perfect victim for “bullies”. Your parents gave you the backbone and you made sure your children have the backbone to never say “Yes, massah!”.

      “if you look at countries like China…or Russia?. there’s like almost NO CASES of this thing taking place there!”
      Oh, it does take place. It’s just that there is no wide spread Cult of Victimhood in those countries. There are no bleeding heart do-gooders with Pollyanna-like outlook on life. Those societies have no time or inclination for all the touchy-feely warm-and-fuzzies we entertain herre.

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