How to Prevent Pocket Dialing on Your Android Device

How to Prevent Pocket Dialing on Your Android Device

Pocket dialling is one of those things that accidentally takes place on smartphones. Movements that happen inside the pocket often lead to dialling numbers and sometimes calls that last for hours if you do not realize it or the receiving person does not hang up.

For Android devices, there is an app that you can use to prevent it. What this app does is ask for a confirmation before you dial a phone number from your device. So when pocket dialling takes place, the app will first require your confirmation before the phone number gets dialled. That should work for you to prevent unwanted call a on your device.

Here’s how it works.

Preventing Pocket Dialling on an Android Device

In order to do the task you are going to use an app called Call Confirm that is available free of charge on the official Google Play store. Here’s how you can use it:

1. Head over to the Google Play store and download and install the Call Confirm app on your device. Launch the app after it is installed.

2. On the main screen of the app you will find the option to enable or disable the functionality of the app. Make sure that the “Call confirmation” option is enabled or the app will not work.


3. While the default settings of the app should do the job for you, you might want to dig deeper into the settings to customize it your own way. To do that, tap the “Confirmation settings” option on the main screen of the app.

Here you can adjust various settings for the calls that you make. For example, you can specify only the numbers that will need the confirmation. Tap on the “Only selected” option followed by the “Selected numbers” option to specify the phone numbers.


4. Tap on “Add” on the screen that follows to add a number to the app.


5. Select the source of the number by tapping on the appropriate option. You can select a number from contacts, call logs, manually, or starts with.


6. Once you are done selecting a number, tap on the “Add” button to add it to the app.


7. Tap on “Close” on the following screen to close the panel for adding a number.


8. From now on if the numbers that you selected above ever got dialled from your device, they will first be confirmed by the app, and only then will they actually be dialled.

If you would rather have exceptions than only the selected numbers for confirmation, you can uncheck the “Only selected” option and checkmark the “Exceptions” option. Then, tap the “Excepted numbers” option to add exceptions into the app.


9. Follow the procedure for adding a new number that you just did above, and you will be all set.


10. Your device will now not require a confirmation before dialling the numbers that exist in the Exceptions list.

That is how the app helps you from accidentally pocket dialling phone numbers on your Android device.


Pocket dialling can happen anytime, and the guide above helps you add a layer to it for you to prevent it on your device.

Mahesh Makvana
Mahesh Makvana

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