Windows Networking Basics

Something often overlooked by home users of computers and other tech is the concept of networking. Computers and other devices like printers can talk to each other, and unless you have any training in network administration these connections can be a bit of a mystery.

But how do you delve into this shadowy world of interconnected devices. Wouldn't it be great to get some training in how to connect your computer to other machines, and even printers, all as part of a cool integrated home network?

If that sounds good, then this is your first step.

Expert trainer Derrik Diener has many years of experience in network administration on a variety of different computer platforms. In this course, he combines everything he knows about networking into an enjoyable series of video lessons for you to absorb quickly and easily.

And also you may find that the skills you learn in the course will be transferable to pretty much any platform you come across in future. The details of the operating system might be slightly different, but the basic principles of networking remain the same.

So what are we going be to talking about?

What you will learn

Over the course of 18 lessons of easy-to-follow and info-packed training, we take you through every aspect of Windows networking, from computer names, IP addresses, network discovery, home groups, folder and file sharing, printer sharing, plus much more.

Who should do this?

The aim of this course is to introduce a newcomer or average user to Windows networking and train you to connect your computers via your home network and share your drives with family and friends. We’ll be taking it in nice easy steps.

Ideally to enjoy this course you are a beginner or intermediate user. You should have a Windows computer, that's all. Everything you need to know will be covered in the course.

Basically if you feel that using Windows networking will make your computing life better and you want to learn, you will get a lot out of this course.

Join us!

This is an easy-to-follow and enjoyable guide to a much overlooked task that could become an essential life skill. This course is great value, it's easy to watch and learn and contains a lot of useful information about every aspect of Windows networking.

Click the link to purchase this course, and you can be watching and learning in minutes.

Thank you for choosing Make Tech Easier

Course Content

1. Windows Networking Basics
Knowing Your Computer Name0:03:12
Understanding Workgroups0:02:26
Getting to Know Your IP Address0:01:50
Sharing Files and Folders in Windows0:02:20
Making Full Use of Network Discovery in Windows0:02:07
Setting Up and Configuring Homegroups in Windows0:03:51
How to Connect to Network Shares0:03:37
Sharing Files with the Public Folder0:03:36
Setting Up and Configuring the Public Folder0:03:29
Easily Share Files with the Windows Sharing Wizard0:01:35
Easily Share Folders with the Windows Sharing Wizard0:05:20
Configuring Network Sharing Settings0:04:20
Sharing Printers on the Network0:02:43
Adding Server Shares, FTP, Etc., as Network Locations0:04:51
How to Map Network Folder as Network Drives0:02:42
Using Network Folders as Network Drives0:03:11
Remote Desktop Connections0:02:43
Conclusion and credits0:01:22