The Complete User’s Guide to Open Media Vault

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Video:2 hours
Instructor:Derrik Diener

OpenMediaVault (OMV) is a popular free open-source Linux based network-attached storage (NAS) solution. In this course, expert trainer Derrik Diener takes you through creating and using your own OMV NAS, including partitioning and installing, settings, managing physical disks, access rights, operating it remotely from other operating systems like Windows and all the services you can have installed to optimize and report on the operation of the system.

What you will learn

Over the course of over two hours of training, we take you through every aspect of the setup and maintenance of the system, including having reports of system status sent to your email, security and SSL, tapping into your NAS via SSH and a variety of other useful and informative topics. You will learn how to set up the security aspects of the software, from access rights to firewall, managing the physical disks and installing plugins and updates. As well as learning what parts of the system to use, you will also learn which parts of the system you will probably not use. This is good information when you are unfamiliar with a system, as knowing what to ignore allows you to concentrate only on things that are important. At the end of the course you will be proficient in OMV setup and use.

Who should do this?

To enjoy this course you should ideally be an intermediate learner. You should have basic skills using a command line and formatting hard drives, and have a passing familiarity with using protocols like FTP and SSH. You don't have to be an expert in these protocols, but it would help if you at least knew what they are. You should ideally have some idea what file sharing is and how to do it on your desktop system. A familiarity with firewalls and what they are for is helpful but not essential. All in all, if you are an enthusiast rather than an expert, and you want step by step instructions on how to get up and running with OMV, this is the course for you.

Join us!

This is an absorbing, easy to follow guide to one of the most useful and flexible pieces of tech you can have in any home or office. What's more, this course is great value for two full hours of training in everything you need to know about Open Media Vault to get it up and running and serving files on your network.

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Course Content

1. Installation
Obtaining Open Media Vault
Installation of the Open Media Vault System
2. System
General Settings and Configuration
Making SSL Certificates
Date and Time, Monitoring and Power management
First Aid System Recovery and Logging In
Network, Interfaces, Service Discovery
Firewall for System Security
Setting Up Notifications for your NAS
Scheduled Jobs
OMV System Updates
Installing Plugins
3. Storage
Physical System Disk Management
Configuring SMART Monitoring
RAID Management
Mounting File Systems
4. Access Rights Management
Authorizing Users and Groups
Shared Folders
5. Services
Setting Up FTP
Setting Up NFS
The RSYNC Utility
Configuring Samba or SMB/CIFS Protocol
Setting Up SNMP
Setting Up SSH
Setting Up TFTP
6. Diagnostics
Dashboard, System Information, System Logs and Services
7. Conclusion
Course Summary and Credits