Mastering Grub

GRUB is in fact an acronym, standing for GRand Unified Bootloader. Grub is, as you will find out in this course, primarily a bootloader tool for Linux, and while that might sound a little dry and technical, it's actually a very powerful and flexible system for configuring your system to boot into Linux or any other operating system.

You can use it to configure your system to boot into any operating system and can even make dual booting systems featuring Linux and, say, Windows.

In this enjoyable and easy-to-follow course expert trainer Derrik Diener takes you through the basic features and functions of Grub including installing, customizing, fixing the installation and much more.

What you will learn

Over the course of more than eighteen lessons of easy-to-follow and information-packed training, we take you through every aspect of Grub, such as the setup and maintenance of the bootloader on your computer system, including getting started, maintaining and rescuing your Grub installation.

Along with learning how to keep Grub operating sweetly, you can configure it to your needs and fix it if for some unforeseen reason it fails.

At the end of the course you will be proficient in Grub for Linux.

Who should do this?

Ideally to enjoy this course you are a beginner to intermediate learner. You should have basic knowledge of Linux and should ideally have some idea what a bootloader is, but that's by no means essential. A familiarity with installing software on your computer and using the terminal are also of benefit but not essential, as you will be walked through all the steps in turn. Basically, if you are an enthusiast rather than an expert and are keen to learn, you will get a lot out of this course.

Join us!

This is an easy-to-follow and enjoyable guide to one of the least-talked-about aspects of Linux maintenance. What's more, this course is a great value for 1 full hours of training in everything you need to know about Grub and using it on your Linux computer.

Click the link to purchase this course, and you can be watching and learning in minutes.

Course Content

Going over Grub Features0:04:00
Difference Between BIOS and EFI0:04:46
Super Grub Disk0:03:15
Installing Grub in MBR/BIOS Mode0:07:22
Installing Grub in GPT/UEFI Mode0:05:13
How to Reinstall Grub0:03:27
How to Install Grub to an External USB Drive0:03:34
Backing up Grub0:02:48
Making a Recovery Grub ISO0:02:41
Setting Up Dual Booting Manually0:04:32
Removing Grub Entries0:04:13
Customize the Grub Theme0:03:14
How to Rename Grub Entries0:01:54
Adding Grub Menu Entries0:03:17
Grub Rescue Commands0:04:48
Making Changes in Grub0:02:18
Conclusion and Credits0:01:53