Mastering Computer and Internet Security

In the 21st century computer and Internet security, and most importantly privacy, are hot topics for everyone. In a world where everything we do for work and play is becoming increasingly "wired," how do we keep our systems safe and anonymous out in the wilds of the Internet?

In this course our expert trainer Derrik Diener takes you through step by step with securing Windows, Mac and Linux computer systems, and safety and security steps for the Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers. He also covers amping up security and privacy closer to home on your personal WiFi and routers.

What you will learn

Over the course of more than sixty lessons of easy-to-follow and information-packed training, we take you through every aspect of the setup and maintenance of security measures on your computer system, including the importance of keeping your system regularly updated, web browsing, best practices, firewalls, encryption, anonymity on the web and antivirus software.

Along with learning how to keep your system safe, you will learn not only how to maximise your safety and  privacy online but also the security and privacy of your personal data.

At the end of the course you will be proficient in system security for the home in the three major operating systems and all major browsers. Plus, you will have personal WiFi that is hard to find and hack into unless you know the codes.

Who should do this?

To enjoy this course you will ideally be a beginner to intermediate learner. You should have basic knowledge of your computer system and how to access the control panels, download and install software and browse the Internet. You should ideally have some idea what a router is and how to access and configure it on your system. A familiarity with firewalls and what they do is helpful but not essential. All in all, if you are an enthusiast rather than an expert and want step-by-step instructions on how to get up and running with computer and Internet security, this is the course for you.

Join us!

This is an easy-to-follow and enjoyable guide to one of the most essential skills in modern computer use, cyber safety and security. What's more, this course is a great value for 3 hours sand 42 minutes of training in everything you need to know about computer and Internet security to get started securing your system.

Click the link to purchase this course, and you can be watching and learning in minutes.

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Course Content

1. Windows Security
Windows – The Importance of Updates0:02:20
Windows – Best Practices0:04:13
Windows – Antivirus Software0:06:07
Windows – The Importance of a Firewall0:02:37
Windows – The Importance of Encryption0:04:28
Windows – Maximum Anonymity with Tor0:02:28
Windows – Erasing a Hard Drive Securely0:02:00
2. Mac Security
Mac – The Importance of Updates0:02:07
Mac – Best Security Practices0:03:58
Mac – Antivirus Software0:06:32
Mac – The Importance of a Firewall0:02:15
Mac – The Importance of Encryption0:13:07
Mac – Maximum Anonymity with Tor0:03:20
Mac – Erasing a Hard Drive0:01:53
3. Linux Security
Linux - The Importance of Updates0:03:43
Linux - Best Security Practices0:04:53
Linux - Antivirus Software0:05:33
Linux - The Importance of a Firewall0:02:11
Linux - The Importance of Encryption0:06:35
Linux - Maximum Anonymity with Tor0:02:28
Linux - Erasing a Hard Drive0:01:59
4. Internet Explorer Security
Internet Explorer - Basic Security Settings0:03:36
Internet Explorer - Benefits of Private Browsing0:02:23
Internet Explorer - Using HTTPS?0:03:13
Internet Explorer - Dealing with 3rd Party Cookies0:03:08
Internet Explorer - Dealing with Location Data0:03:18
Internet Explorer - Managing Javascript0:02:29
Internet Explorer - The Best Security Extensions0:03:31
5. Firefox Security
Firefox - Basic Security Settings0:02:02
Firefox - Benefits of Private Browsing0:02:09
Firefox - Using HTTPS0:02:04
Firefox - Dealing with 3rd Party Cookies0:02:54
Firefox - Dealing with Location Data0:02:17
Firefox - Managing Javascript0:04:16
Firefox - The Best Security Extensions0:03:47
6. Google Chrome Security
Google Chrome - Basic Security Settings0:04:29
Google Chrome - Benefits of Private Browsing0:01:37
Google Chrome - Using HTTPS0:02:26
Google Chrome - Managing 3rd Party Cookies0:03:31
Google Chrome - Dealing with Location Data0:01:29
Google Chrome - Managing Javascript0:03:16
Google Chrome - The Best Security Extensions0:03:07
7. Safari Security
Safari - Basic Security Settings0:04:21
Safari - Benefits of Private Browsing0:02:13
Safari - Using HTTPS0:03:02
Safari - Managing 3rd Party Cookies0:01:38
Safari - Dealing with Location Data0:01:54
Safari - Managing Javascript0:01:37
Safari - The Best Security Extensions0:04:24
8. Internet Browsing Security
Internet Browsing Security - Evaluating Links0:02:19
Internet Browsing Security - Managing Email Subscription0:06:08
Internet Browsing Security - Locking Down Social Media0:07:14
Internet Browsing Security - Two Factor Authentication0:05:30
Internet Browsing Security - Email Security0:06:01
Internet Browsing Security - Password Management0:04:42
Internet Browsing Security - Securing Usernames0:02:44
Internet Browsing Security - Managing Security Questions0:02:07
Internet Browsing Security - Reviewing Site Privacy Settings0:04:06
Internet Browsing Security - Disable Targeted Ads0:05:35
9. Wireless Network Security
Wireless Network Security - Securing Your Router0:03:20
Wireless Network Security - Protecting Your SSID0:02:45
Wireless Network Security - Setting the Wireless Encryption Level0:02:07
Conclusion and Credits0:02:38