The Complete Video Editing Course For Beginner

In our modern lives we are creating more video than we ever have before. People are able, thanks to the latest technology, to shoot and cut their own films, vlogs, cookery shows, and daredevil stunt videos, and they look pretty good.

But they do sometimes look kind of the same. The templates used in videos on the Internet make all videos look alike. Wouldn't it be great to get some training in how to make videos that stand out in the crowd? Imagine how it would feel to make your videos more professional and learn how to edit well.

If that sounds good, then this is the course for you.

Expert trainer Phil South has over twenty years experience in editing and shooting video and film. In this course he adds everything he knows about improving video quality into a short enjoyable series of video lessons for you to absorb quickly and easily.

And the good news is that the skills you learn in the course will be transferable to pretty much any platform and software you choose. Editing is editing. The details of the interface might be different, but the basic principles of good editing remain the same.

So what are we going be to talking about?

What you will learn

Over the course of fifteen lessons of easy-to-follow and info-packed training, we will take you through every aspect of video editing, such as the kinds of software that are available, both free and paid software, how to be fluent in your chosen program by becoming comfortable with your working environment, the basic editing techniques, how to edit well, the use of sound and music, an intro to visual effects and how to do great titles, plus much more.

This is a beginners level course, but by the end (and if you pay close attention to the lessons) it will raise your game and make you a much better editor.

Who should do this?

The aim of this course is to take a relative newcomer through video editing and train you to edit videos more professionally using open-source software. Obviously it will help if you have some experience in editing videos, but it’s not essential. We’ll be taking it in nice easy steps.

Ideally to enjoy this course you are a beginner or intermediate learner. You should have a computer capable of running one of the programs we will be learning with, like Lightworks, and a copy of the software. You should have some video footage to edit, literally anything will do, as long as it is HD video and a minimum of 720 in terms of resolution. If you have no idea what that means, don't worry, it'll be covered in the course.

Basically if you love video and want to learn, you will get a lot out of this course.

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Also, for people who take this course from our friends at Editshare, there is a coupon code for 40% off a year's license of Lightworks Pro included in the course, so watch for it towards the end.

Join us!

This is an easy-to-follow and enjoyable guide to a task that has become, surprisingly, one of the most useful life skills of the 21st Century. What's more, this course is great value, it's easy to use and contains a stack of useful information touching every important aspect of editing video and doing it well.

Click the link to purchase this course, and you can be watching and learning in minutes.

Thank you for choosing Make Tech Easier

Course Content

1. Basics
Open Source and Free Editing Software0:05:11
Premium Video Editing Software0:07:31
Getting to know your Environment0:05:21
Basic Video Editing Techniques0:11:44
2. Advanced
Advanced Video Editing Tips0:09:53
Understanding Aspect Ratios0:05:40
Sound Editing0:06:00
Music Use in Video0:06:42
Adding Visual Effects to Videos0:07:35
Adding Titles to Videos0:03:18
Managing Motion Graphics in Videos0:07:40
Colour Correction and Grading0:08:25
File Formats and Codecs0:03:15
Converting Video0:05:43
Conclusion and Credits0:01:39