What Is Your Preferred Device for Surfing the Web? [Poll]

You’re sitting in your home and decide to do a little Web-surfing. Either you’re just looking to spend some time looking up random things or you have a particular question you’d like an answer to. What device do you use for surfing the Web? What’s your “go-to?”

Just as there is an unlimited amount of information to research on the Web, there are also many options for accessing the Internet. It’s not just a desktop destination anymore. You don’t have to be housebound for that access. You can be mobile with a laptop and find that access anywhere you can get a Wifi signal. But our devices now extend much beyond that. Of course you can also surf the Web on your mobile phone. If that screen isn’t big enough, maybe you want to access the Internet on a tablet. Or maybe you want something in between so you stick with a phablet. Maybe you like to do your surfing after watching television and just do so from a smart TV. Or perhaps you’re a big gamer and it’s easier just to do so from your gaming system.

Do you go for the larger size or do you go for convenience? Which device is your preferred method for surfing the Web?

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

Laura has spent nearly 20 years writing news, reviews, and op-eds, with more than 10 of those years as an editor as well. She has exclusively used Apple products for the past three decades. In addition to writing and editing at MTE, she also runs the site's sponsored review program.

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  1. My laptop because I hate touchscreens. Note 10.1 for watching TV & films and Note3 phablet for reading news.

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