Where Do You Prefer to Get Your News?

The Internet has changed all our lives by giving us many tools we have grown to not be able to do without. One of those tools it has given us is online news. It’s become so popular that some newspapers are going out of business as people have begun to get their news online. What’s your choice? Where do you get your news?

It used to be that we got our news from newspapers, TV, and radio, but the Internet changed that whole game. There are multiple sources to get news via the Internet. Those same newspapers and TV news shows also have online counterparts. Additionally, there are news aggregate sources out there that will pull all your favorite news items together for you such as Flipboard and Twitter and a large number of news apps. What online news allows you to do is create your own news, meaning you can collect just the news you want to read instead of having to sort through a whole newspaper or sit through a whole newscast to get to the news you are looking for.

Do you fancy yourself an online newsie? Do you like to read your news on the go on your phone? Or do you keep with the traditional news sources of television newscasts and newspapers? Where do you prefer to get your news?

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Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

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  1. I find the dead tree format much easier and more comfortable to read than any screen.

  2. The portable phablet trade offs are well worth. Reading an entire article without having to search for it’s continuation, being able to look up any selectable text right when its most relevant, not to mention the generosity of images/video clips included, make the digital format head & shoulders above print edition.

  3. One of the best things about online news, for me anyway, is being able to instantly share an article with ALL my friends by clicking the share button and posting it to FaceBook, Twitter, email, or SMS.

    1. Are you sure your friends appreciate being constantly bombarded by what you consider to be significant news? Not everybody thinks that the latest exploits of Lindsey Lohan or Justin Bieber are newsworthy.

      1. First of all I’ve never posted anything about Justin Bieber or any girl named Lindsey. I’m in my 30’s not a teenager. Secondly, yes all my friends do care and appreciate what I post. If they did not they wouldn’t be my friend. I’m not like most people that have 4000 plus facebook friends. I also read the paper, and watch the news on TV although most of the crap in the news is liberal agenda crap being forced down the public throat anyway. So I don’t watch a lot of the mass media junk.

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