PRE-SALE: The Complete iOS 11 Developer Course + iOS Mastery Bundle

Why wait until iOS 11 is released to start developing? You can start developing for it right now while it’s in beta and public beta. With the PRE-SALE: The Complete iOS 11 Developer Course + iOS Mastery Bundle, you can get a head start on it. You’ll learn to build games with SpriteKit, code in Swift 3 for tvOS and WatchOS, and even learn how to develop for iOS 10. On this ten-year anniversary of the iPhone, you can start an all-new career developing for iOS.

This bundle includes the following five courses.

Introduction to SpriteKit: Build Practical Games – You’ll learn to use this leading game engine to create 2D games for iOS, building clones of Breakout, Pong, and Space Invaders. You’ll learn to do all this even if you have never spent a day in your life coding.

  • 51 lectures and 10.5 hours of content
  • Learn your way around the interface of SpriteKit
  • Add your new games to the App Store
  • Code the objects in your game in Xcode
  • Use your new knowledge to experiment more in SpriteKit or similar


Ultimate tvOS Guide for Beginners: Learn to Code in Swift 3 – It doesn’t matter whether you have coded for iOS before or not; you’ll learn the basics of making apps in Xcode and Swift to be used in iOS. You’ll use Swift 3 and will learn how to use it with other Apple mobile OSes as well. As you build a quiz app, a dialogue tree app, and an interactive story app, you’ll get a hands-on education.

  • 18 lectures and 9 hours of content
  • Build three tvOS apps on your own from scratch
  • Discover the key tools your need to program in iOS and macOS

WatchOS Beginner Crash Course: Learn to Code in Swift 3 – Even if you’re a novice in coding for iOS, you’ll learn the necessary fundamentals of using Swift and Xcode to create apps for watchOS. You’ll learn how to take what you learn here to other Apple platforms as well. You’ll even build a simple app on your own as you educate yourself on design and functionality.

  • 25 lectures and 13 hours of content
  • Discover important Xcode dynamics such as labels, dates, timers, switches, sliders, pickers, tables, and context menus
  • Add images as well as movies to your apps for Apple Watch
  • Enable notifications
  • Learn all the important tools for programming for iOS and macOS

The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course – While you learn about iOS 11, why not learn how to program for iOS 10, a little something to cut your teeth on. You’ll delve into iOS programming basics and learn everything you need to know about iOS 10, including the improved A.I. and Siri function. After you master iOS 10, you’ll be ready to learn about the new iOS 11 features.

  • 102 hours of content
  • Pick up the basics for coding in Swift and building apps in iOS 10
  • Use the new facial recognition capability of iOS 10
  • Build apps that will work better with Siri with SiriKit
  • Work with the artificial intelligence of iOS 10
  • Use SpriteKit Games to build games
  • Build apps for tvOS, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch

The Amazing iOS 11 Course – Once you learn everything you can about iOS 10, as well as the watchOS and tvOS platforms, you’ll be ready for the all-new iOS 11. You’ll build more than thirty apps from scratch while learning about SpriteKit, Firebase, and the new features of iOS 11.

  • 100 hours of content
  • Get educated on using Swift 4.0 to code
  • Use Xcode to build apps from scratch
  • Create apps from start to finish quickly
  • Start a new career as an app developer

Get these five courses to start programming for iOS and other mobile platforms for Apple at 97% off.

PRE-SALE: The Complete iOS 11 Developer Course + iOS Mastery Bundle

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