5 Hilarious Chrome Extensions to Play Practical Jokes on Your Friends

I’m going to be honest with you. This article is going to be chock-full of awful practical jokes, and if you aren’t prepared to handle that, this is your last chance to back away. If you’re brave and adventurous, however, and eager to torment either yourself or your friends with these practical joke extensions, then read on. Whether you want to do something as subtle as removing scroll bars, as over the top as replacing all images with pictures of Nicolas Cage, or as devious as ensuring a 1/100 chance of The Champ appearing every time a new page is loaded, this is an article for you.

Remove Scroll Bars is an extension that … well, guess what it does. While not necessarily a huge prank, removing scrollbars from all windows in Chrome can be a very annoying experience for the unsuspecting user who doesn’t know what you’ve done. This especially applies to users with laptops who are used to clicking on the scrollbar and dragging or the otherwise disadvantaged users who don’t have a mouse-wheel. It’s not big; in fact, it’s so small that they won’t notice, but it will cause them irritation and more than likely you will never know.

practical-jokes extensions - cornify

This one is tougher because you can’t really hide it. Cornify pops up as a rainbow button in the taskbar, so if you want to use this for effective pranking, you will want to install it and spam it onto a friend’s page before they return. The more they dislike unicorns, the better. Plus, you can always draw attention to it, if you have friends around.

For people looking for something more hidden (and infinitely more devious), consider checking out the Troll Your Friends extension.

practical jokes extensions - toolkit

Easy to not notice it sitting in the taskbar, this Prank Toolkit offers the above list of toggles to make your unfortunate friends wonder just what the heck’s going on. My personal favorite is randomly reloading tabs and hiding the cursor – they aren’t obviously pranks, and they’ll more than likely result in a lot of confusion and frustration. Just don’t let the joke go on too long! Pranks like these might make someone really mad.

practical jokes extensions - ncage

Do you believe in art? Because I do. As told by Google, art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. And nCage, an extension that replaces every image in Chrome with a picture of Nicolas Cage, epitomizes art. Your friends will likely immediately realize they’re being pranked, or they’ll think they have a virus related to Nicolas Cage. While this prank may not last long, its brief life will boggle minds and make them think like art is meant to.

nCage would be my favorite extension on this list, but it isn’t the Champ.

Who is the Champ? Why, his name is…

practical jokes extensions - champ

Take all the things I just said about art and apply them doubly to this extension, aptly named Cenafy. Cenafy is an extension that rolls a 1/100 chance for the user to be hit with a face full of Unexpected Cena every time they load a new web page. If you don’t know about this meme, stop reading right now and watch this video.

That aside, this extension is completely ridiculous; it’s hidden deep in Extensions, and nobody ever sees it coming. It’s not an extension you can install and immediately see the fruits of, but it is an extension you can install on the laptop of your roommate. It’s an extension you can hear blaring “AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA” from the other room while your roommate shouts in confusion, just wanting to watch Netflix.

It’s a beautiful thing.

That being said, what do you guys think? I put up all the best joke extensions for Chrome I could think of up here, but do you have any better recommendations? Is this the kind of article you’d like to see more of – something more fun than serious? Perhaps joke extension articles for FireFox, too? Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments!