4 Powerful and Feature-Rich Online Photo Editors

When it comes to the desktop, Photoshop is one of the most powerful and well-known photo-editing software. What about the Web? What are the tools that we can use to edit our photos? Depending on your needs, there is a variety of online photo editing tools that can be used easily and quickly on any platform. Let’s check out these feature-rich online photo-editing tools.

Fotor has all the basic tools, and with its easy-to-use modern user interface, you can enhance your photo quite easily. Despite being simple, Fotor hosts all the important features like crop, resize, frames, effects, text, flipping, tilt-shift, beautify, brightness, contrast, and temperature adjustments. Moreover, with the 1-tap enhancement tool, you can quickly analyse and enhance your dull and unexposed photo. You can also create greeting cards, HDR images, sliders, and cover photos for your social presence. To use Fotor, just click on the button “Edit a Photo” on their homepage, upload the photo and start editing. It’s as simple as that.


Along with the browser-based editing tools, Fotor also has apps that support Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and Windows 8 (Modern app) platforms.

Ribbet is an advanced photo editing tool with some interesting features like touch up, curves, effects, Photoshop-like layers, pro adjust, cropping, flipping, frames, etc. The user interface of Ribbet is fairly straight forward. Upload your photo using the “Upload Photo” button on the homepage and start editing the photo with the tools provided on the left side. You can access a different set of tools by navigating through the top menu. However, while you are editing, you need to save each effect before moving to the other tool.


Moreover, Ribbet does provide some advanced premium tools for professionals. Even though you can use those premium tools for free, Ribbet places a watermark on the photos for users using the site for free.

PicMonkey excels with its clean user interface and does have all the required tools just like in Ribbet to quickly edit your photos and images. But unlike Ribbet or Fotor, most of PicMonkey’s advanced tools are available as paid upgrades. Even though you can use them without any payment, a little crown icon will be added to your photo for the users using the site for free.


You can use PicMonkey without any registration. Just navigate to “Edit” on the homepage, select the upload source and start editing the photo. If you just want to try PicMoney, it does allow you to play with their sample photos.

iPiccy offers plenty of basic and advanced tools to enhance your photos while being very easy to use with its minimal user interface. Just like in other photo editing tools above, you can upload the photo directly from the homepage and start editing. While editing, you can select different tools from the left side of the page, and you can also select a different set of tools by navigating through the top menu. The best features of iPiccy are that you can add layers to your photos, and it can act as standalone paint application (like MS Paint).


Online photo editing tools are a good choice for basic needs and quick work rounds. Moreover, being browser-based tools, you can access and use them on any platform as long as you have an Internet connection and a capable browser (like chrome or Firefox).

Hopefully that helps, and do comment below to share your thoughts and your favorite online image editing tools.