Keep Your Android Optimized and Secure with Power Security-AntiVirus Clean

Power Security-AntiVirus Clean for Android

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If your mobile device always runs at optimal speeds, never accrues any junk files, and is completely immune to viruses and malware, then you’re extremely lucky. However, if you’re like thousands of other users who often complain about sluggish devices, horrible battery life, malware and other insecurities, you need Power Security-AntiVirus Clean from LionMobi.

Power Security-AntiVirus Clean is a free antivirus app for Android that can keep your mobile device optimized and secure at all times. While Power Security does offer real-time protection, it’s only to a certain extent.

It scans installed apps and app installation files in real-time as well as auto blocks viruses and malware while installing. However, it does not actively detect vulnerabilities while browsing the Web (e.g. via malicious pop-ups and ads).

Using the app is pretty straightforward. From the side menu you can go through the different options to ensure that your Android device is fully optimized and secure. Here’s a closer look at all of its features.

Give Your Device the Royal Treatment

When you first open the app, you’ll see three sections: Security, Boost, and Clean. Security alerts you of any issues, provides solutions for those issues and helps you take care of them.


I like that you can pick and choose the issues to resolve because it seems to think that the app for my WiFi thermostat is malware. However, there’s no way to ignore a warning, so I have to see it every time I look at that section.

Boost is basically a way to speed up your device by freeing up RAM.

Clean is a way to clean up all those junk files on your device like cache junk, useless APKs, AD junk, and residual junk.


I was able to free up 885 MB in a few seconds which may not seem like a lot, but when you’re short on space, every little bit helps!

Keep Your WiFi Secure

The WiFi Security Scan feature is especially important when using any WiFi connection outside of your home. Sure, you can come across issues at home, but it’s much less likely than using a WiFi hotspot at a local coffee shop, restaurant, or airport.


Tapping on this menu option quickly scans the current connection that you’re on and lets you know whether it’s secure or not.

Optimize Battery Usage

Something that many people often worry about when it comes to their mobile device is battery life. With the Battery Saver feature, you can check the current battery usage of your device and see how much battery life you have remaining.

power-security-battery saver

If you’re going to be away from a plug and don’t have access to a portable charger, being able to save precious battery life is a godsend. The feature lets you select some or all running apps in order to stop them from running.


Under Battery Usage Rank you can see which apps are using the highest amount of your battery and act accordingly (e.g. closing or uninstalling).

Keep Your CPU Cool

A hot or overheating device doesn’t perform nearly as well as a cool device. Power Security-AntiVirus Clean from LionMobi helps to keep your device running at optimal speeds by closing out resource hungry apps to help reduce CPU usage.



After tapping on CPU Cooler from the menu, the app will scan and cool down your device within seconds.

Keep Nosy Eyes Away from Your Apps

There are quite a few app-locking apps in the Google Play Store, but Power Security-AntiVirus Clean has the feature built right into it. This adds an extra layer of security to apps that you want to keep private.


You can choose to use a pattern or numerical password to unlock any apps that you choose. This way snoopers won’t be able to see sensitive data or personal information.

Keep Your Notification Area Clean

If you find that you just can’t seem to keep your notification area clear, you’ll enjoy this feature. Enabling it will replace the notifications for the apps that you choose with a single bar in your notification area.


From this bar you can see all of the “annoying” notifications that have been hidden. Tapping on it will open up a notification area in Power Security-AntiVirus Clean where you can see each and dismiss each notification as desired.


This is a truly effective way of organizing your notification area while keeping those that are most important front and center. Plus, it’s very easy to choose those apps that can and can’t disturb you by selecting “don’t disturb” or “notify.”

Keep an Eye on Your Phone Status

Power Security-AntiVirus Clean already adds a persistent notification to your device with shortcuts to Boost, Battery, Clean, CPU within the app along with Network Analysis displayed on the notification.


However, if you want to keep a close eye on the status of your device, you can also enable the Phone Status Monitor. This small floating bubble remains on the side of the screen and displays your network speed, CPU load, and battery drain speed.



You can also have it displayed within all apps or just on the home screen.

Power Security-AntiVirus Clean Is a Keeper

Power Security-AntiVirus Clean is a well-rounded, all-in-one security and optimization app that truly delivers. Just like many phones these days, my Asus came with a few of the built-in features that it offers, but the additional features make it a win-win for me; my device is protected from all angles.

If you are looking for a speedy app that can keep your device secure, boost its performance, and keep it free from junk, Power Security-AntiVirus Clean is well worth the install.

Power Security-AntiVirus Clean

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