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Deleting a file in Windows computer is as easy as hitting the Delete button. The same goes for clearing the Recycle Bin. However, sometimes after doing some desktop housekeeping, you realized that you have deleted an important file that should not be deleted. In fact, accidental deletions, damaged or lost partitions, occasional data mishaps, etc., are the events that a computer user has to deal with from time to time. If you have a backup of your important data, then restoring the deleted data is just a job of copying and pasting. If not, there is no other way but to recover the deleted data as soon as possible from the depths of your hard drive. MiniTool’s Power Data Recovery is one such tool which provides an easy way to recover deleted data and partitions with just a few clicks.


Recover Deleted Data: Power Data Recovery tool is built from the ground up to efficiently recover deleted data from a wide range of devices like the regular hard drives, thumb drives, memory cards, etc. Along with the regular data, Power Data Recovery has a special module which can help you recover media files like images, music and video.

Recover Deleted Partitions: Since Power Data Recovery has built-in support for Windows partitions, you can quickly recover any deleted or damaged partitions in Windows with just a few clicks.

CD/DVD Recovery: Power Data Recovery has a specially designed module to recover old removable media like CDs and DVDs. Even though the recovery process is quite similar, this special attention helps recover as much as data as possible from your damaged removable devices.

Installation and Usage

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is available both in free and paid versions where the free version is limited to recover 1GB of data. You can download the software from its official website, and the installation procedure is quite simple as it is not bundled with any spyware or adware. However, make sure that you are not installing the software on the drive you are about to recover.


Once installed, launch the application, and if you are prompted for the license key, enter it and click on the “Register” button to continue. If you are using the free version, then the license key is not a requirement to use the software.


To recover the deleted data, click on the “Undelete Recovery” option. This option helps you recover all the supported file types including any media files.


The above action will open the “Undelete Files Recovery” window. Select the partition from which you want to recover the deleted files and click on the “Recover” button.


This action quickly scans the drive or partition and lists all the deleted files and folders in a nice tree view. The deleted files and folders have a little red “cross” mark next to them.


If you want to filter the results for specific file types, click on the button “Advanced Filter,” select the radio button “Use Filter” and configure accordingly. Once configured, click on the “Ok” button to save the changes.


To recover the files, navigate to the folder you want to recover, select the files using the checkboxes and click on the “Save Files” button. If you want to recover all the files from a folder, simply click on the “Plus” icon in the top navigation bar. Also, before starting the recovery process, you can preview a file by selecting the file and clicking on the “File Preview” button.


This action will open the “Save Files” window. Select the location where you want to save the recovered files and click on the “Ok” button to start the recovery process. Always select the location other than the drive you are recovering.


Depending on the total file size, the recovery process may take some time. Once completed, Power Data Recovery Tool will display a confirmation dialog box with a quick link to the recovery folder.


Just open the recovery folder and you will find all your deleted files recovered.


That’s all there is to do, and it is that simple to use Power Data Recovery Tool to recover deleted data without messing with a whole lot of complicated settings.

All in all, Power Data Recovery Tool is an all-in-one tool that provides a quick and easy way to recovery all your files while being very easy to use, even for beginners. Moreover, MiniTool does provide a great support with their detailed guides regarding different recovery processes. Simply put, it is one of the must-have tools in your software arsenal to save yourselves from the occasional data loss.

However, do note that the recovery chances are completely dependent on whether the data has been overwritten with new data. This means that the chances of recovering a recently deleted file is higher than one that you deleted weeks ago. The rule of thumb is, use the recovery software as early as possible after deleting the data.

Power Data Recovery

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