Portable Firefox For OS X

When Portable Apps released their portable Firefox, it is meant to be used only on Windows. Now, with the release of Portable Firefox OSX, Mac users can also enjoy the benefit of bringing the Firefox everywhere they go, even on their iPod.

Portable Firefox OSX is developed by FreeSMUG (Free Open Source Software Mac User Group) and is meant to be used on any Mac OS X computer. It can be installed on any portable devices such as USB thumb drive, iPod, portable hard drive or memory card as long as it has 57MB of free space and in a format readable by Mac.

The installation is easy. On your Mac desktop, simply drag the “Portable Firefox OS X” folder to your portable device. That’s it. To use it, click “Portable Firefox” from your portable device. No configuration is required.

A good thing about Portable Firefox For OSX is that upon installation, it will also import your existing Firefox profile over. Your entire profile, including your bookmarks, preferences, passwords, extensions, history and cookies will all be ported over such that when you open Portable Firefox, all your settings and configurations are fully intact.

Download Portable Firefox for OSX


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