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Because Halloween is right around the corner, most sites are going into seasonal mode with zombies and monster games and apps. Well, there isn’t much of that here. As you scan the list, you’ll see mostly new apps and games. However, I went digging for a good older theme, live wallpaper and widget. Sometimes what’s been around for a while is just what the doctor ordered.


Digi Clock

Digi-ClockOne of the most common widgets downloaded is a clock. While some Android manufacturers like HTC have a really neat clock pre-installed, others have less than stellar clock widgets. Digi Clock is a transparent digital clock for Android home screens. Digi Clock is a 2×1 widget and shows the current time and date. No settings, no customizing, just a clean and simple clock widget.

Download Digi Clock

Paperless System ADWTheme

Paperless-System-ADWThemePaperless System is a free theme for the ADW launcher. What you will get when you download and install this theme is the look of crinkled up paper as the initial background. Others can be found in the Paper Picker gallery. The icons and app dock at the bottom of the screen look like they are drawn with a pencil. Pretty cool look.

Download Paperless System ADWTheme

Flying Toast Live Wallpaper

Flying-Toast-Live-WallpaperThe Flying Toast Live Wallpaper is just a fun wallpaper to have. Little toasters with wings are flying across the screen. The settings offer a lot of adjustments for a free live wallpaper. Change the size of the toasters and even add music accessible when you double-tap the screen.

Download Flying Toast Live Wallpaper


Pinger: Text Free + Call Free

Pinger-Text-Free-Call-FreePinger is an app built to let you make calls and send messages to other users over the data connection or Wi-Fi. If you have a phone with no calling plan, you can still make free calls and message other users in the US and Canada. It would be nice if it worked on tablets though. Pinger also comes packed with a lot of its own ringtones.

Download Pinger: Text Free + Call Free


HISTORY-HereDo you live in a larger city with a lot of history? Have you ever been somewhere on vacation and wanted to know more about the area and what happened there long ago? HISTORY Here is an app from the History Channel. Some of the sites you can learn about are:

  • architecture
  • museums
  • battlefields
  • monuments
  • famous homes and more

Download HISTORY Here

Android Memory Booster FREE

Android-Memory-Booster-FREEThe Android OS shuts down apps you aren’t using when it needs the resources. But what about when you need the phone to be a little peppier? Android Memory Booster FREE will help you free up the CPU resources so you can do whatever it is you want to do with more speed.

Download Android Memory Booster FREE


Super Maria Land Mario Clone

Super-Maria-Land-Mario-CloneDo you ever have the urge to play Super Mario Bros while you are out and about? This clone of the original game is similar enough to feed your fix but different enough to avoid any Copyright lawsuits. This Flash game turned Android app is sure to bring you hours of fun while mobile gaming.

Download Super Maria Land Mario Clone

Update: This app is no longer available in the Play Store


DEATH-DOMEDEATH DOME is kind of a post apocalyptic gladiator game. Fight as a mutant against the Behemoths. The Behemoths are an evolution of the virus that mutated the city. This evolution is so strong, it doesn’t need a host anymore. It’s your job to kill them off so the Dome can be dismantled.


NFL Pro 2013

NFL-Pro-2013The NFL season is in full swing. With games on all day Sunday, as well as Monday and Thursday nights, there is little time for you to want more Football. If you just can’t get enough, try out NFL Pro 2013. It’s a great free game from the people over at Gameloft. They make A LOT of really amazing free games. NFL Pro 2013 is officially licensed so you can play as your favorite team, not a made up team resembling an actual team.

Download NFL Pro 2013

What is your favorite newly downloaded Android app?

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