Popular Android Apps Of The Week


This weeks apps are a pretty wide variety. The themes are all for the ADW Launcher. The reason is, ADW revamped its home screen launcher recently. Now it works on tablets and newer devices really well. The games are pretty action packed and the utilities are very useful for anyone who has an Xbox, drives or who sends pictures to friends.


Park Me Right

Park-Me-RightPark Me Right is a great Android app for anyone living in or traveling to an area they aren’t familiar with. I’m sure you have been somewhere, parked your car only to forget where. Park Me Right lets you use the GPS and the camera of your Android phone to mark the location of your car. Use Google Maps to later locate your car with ease.

Download Park Me Right

Xbox SmartGlass

Xbox-SmartGlassLike using your Android as a remote control for your computer? Well how about using your Android full control remote for your Xbox? Xbox SmartGlass lets you use your phone as a keyboard for surfing the web, play pause and skip media and navigate your Xbox with swipes and taps. The catch is, you have to have a Android 4.0+ phone (no tablets) and an Xbox 360 account.

Download Xbox SmartGlass


SnapchatSnapchat lets you send images to any other Snapchat user. The reason you may want to try Snapchat vs. sending a picture message (MMS) is, the images sent through Snapchat have a viewing time limit. Select how long they can see the picture then POOF, the image is gone forever. Snapchat will even tell you if they take a screen capture of the image.

Download SnapChat


Marvel War of Heroes

MARVEL-War-of-HeroesMarvel War of Heroes is a card game for your Android device. For fans of Marvel comic book heroes like Spider-Man, The Hulk, Iron Man and the members of the Fantastic Four, you may want to give this action packed card game a whirl. As an Agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. you need to foil Hydra by assembling the heroes.

Download Marvel War of Heroes


CONTRACT KILLER 2When you’re good at something, you might want to make a career out of it. That’s the case with Jack Griffin. As the ultimate contract killer, it’s up to you take out the targets presented to you. As you play, upgrade weapons, body armor and accessories like scopes and silencers. With all of the different missions and different views, you’ll have a hard time NOT getting sucked into the game.


Family Feud® & Friends

Family-Feud-FriendsOne of the few family game shows that has stood the test of time. Family Feud® & Friends lets you play the feud with your Facebook friend. There is no panel of judges to rule your answer is close enough so you will want to make sure to be spot on. Some of the questions asked are pretty difficult. See who knows more about pop culture topics while playing with your friends.

Download Family Feud® & Friends



BuuF -ADWThemeThe Buff Guff theme should work on both ADW and GO Launcher Ex. What you get is a bunch of really cool analog clock widgets and about 300 themed apps. The themed apps is pretty different because most themes only cover the preinstalled apps like Gmail, browser, calendar and camera. These guys went the extra step to add in other popular apps.

Download Buuf Theme for ADW and GO Launcher EX

Chemistry ADW Theme

Chemistry-DW-ThemeChemistry was a hard subject for me. Some people really get into it though. For the fans of the periodic table, this theme for ADW Launcher will show your love of science to anyone looking over your shoulder while you text. The background can be changes to one of 11 options. about 90 different icons are available with the look of the periodic table.

Download Chemistry ADW Theme

Update: This app is no longer available in Google Play.

DroidArmor LITE

DroidArmorAnother ADW theme, DroidArmor LITE is a minimalist theme for your Android. Some of the themes out there just have too much going on. If you are in need of a different look but nothing outrageous, here’s a good ADW theme to try. About 120 of your favorite apps will have icons to match the DroidArmor theme.

Download DroidArmor LITE

What cool apps did you find this week?