Ask The Readers: What Is Your Impressions Of The Upcoming Windows 8?

Microsoft has released the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Release Preview for the public to test and play it out. Some of you will have played with it, and even use it in your daily production machine. We are keen to know how impressed (or unimpressed) you are with this new OS.

Here’s the poll for the week: What Is Your Impressions Of The Upcoming Windows 8?

Even if you have not tried out or used the OS, do let us know the remarks and opinions that you have heard from friends or the Web. Are they mainly good remarks, or poor comments?

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  1. I installed W-8 and copied my pictures to the library. The pictures are arranged in folders and sub-folders. In the photo-app the folders – appearing as albums on the screen – can be selected in a logical manner but within a folder (album) the pictures appear in a random sequence. In any folder it is normal to select the sequence the files appear: by name by type, by date etc. and save this configuration. With the albums in the library this is no different. However when opening an album the pictures appear in a random sequence, not according to the sequence in which the pictures are saved! For a photo album this is wrong, a reportage on a wedding should not start of with the couple driving away in a car with “just married”, that should be the last picture of the show!

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