Snap Better Photos with Polaroid University: Five-Year Subscription

Do you look at the photos and memories on your smartphone and wish they were just a little better? Wouldn’t it be great if you knew all the ins and outs of good photography? There’s no need to enroll in expensive classes. All you need is a Polaroid University: Five-Year Subscription. You’ll get hours of professionally-led, professionally-produced videos geared specifically to smartphone photographers. While it’s great to always have your phone at the ready for taking pictures, it doesn’t do any good if the pictures don’t turn out that well.

  • Get five years of access to the entire Polaroid University library
  • Get professional photographers’ advice on how to use your smartphone camera
  • Learn how to take photos on both iPhone and Android and how to choose between the two
  • Go through the fundamentals as well as more advanced topics
  • Learn gridlines, slow motion, time lapse, panoramas, lock focus, and more
  • Stream videos easily to your devices

Get this five-year-subscription at 75% off for under $25.

Polaroid University: Five-Year Subscription

Bonus: Wooden Dual Charging Cradle


Multiple devices means multiple times of having to charge devices, multiple cords, multiple outlets, multiple everything. But with the
Wooden Dual Charging Cradle, you can do it all at once and do it in style as well. You can mount both your Apple Watch and either iPhone or Samsung phone and display them while you charge them. This durable wooden charging dock will look great on either your bedroom nightstand or your desk at work. It should be noted that the cradle doesn’t actually charge on its own, so you’ll still need your chargers and wires, but it will allow you to have them in one spot and keep all those wires under control.

Pick up this charging cradle for just $22.95.

Wooden Dual Charging Cradle

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