How to Play Pokemon Go in Landscape Mode on Your iPhone [Quick Tips]

How to Play Pokemon Go in Landscape Mode on Your iPhone

Pokemon Go has been buzzing around the Web for some time now, and it really is an interesting game. If you have downloaded this game on your iPhone, the one thing you will notice about it is that it only runs in portrait mode on your iPhone. Even the Settings menu does not have an option that will let you play the game in landscape mode for a better experience.

While there’s no official way to run the game in landscape mode on an iPhone, you have an easy workaround that lets you do just that. By following the following steps, you should be able to run the popular Pokemon Go in landscape mode on your iPhone.

Playing Pokemon Go in Landscape Mode

1. Assuming that you already downloaded Pokemon Go to your iPhone, launch the game. Now hold your iPhone sideways as if you were playing the game in landscape mode.

3. Tap on the PokéBall icon to access the menu, and then tap on the Settings icon to launch the game settings.


4. Scroll down and tap on the option that says “Report High-Priority Issue.”


5. Tap on “Yes” when prompted to move forward with the workaround.


6. You will be taken out of the game, and the game will open Safari. At this point what you have to do is press the Home button on your iPhone to be taken to the home screen, and then tap on the Pokémon Go icon to launch the game again. You will see that you are now able to play the game in landscape mode on your iPhone.



If you are one of those gamers who prefers playing games in landscape mode, the workaround above should help you play the Pokemon Go game that way on your iPhone.

Mahesh Makvana
Mahesh Makvana

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