Pogoplug: Cloud Storage Made For Mobile

pogoplug-logoA big problem with a lot of cloud storage options is they are intended for you to sync computers to other computers. Mobile syncing seems to be an after thought. Pogoplug was made with mobile in mind.

Mobile cloud syncing is kind of a big deal for a lot of people who are on the go more than at their desk. Pogoplug comes with 5GB of cloud storage that works with Android and iOS devices. You will get automatic syncing of your pictures, videos and music with the option to stream them from your mobile device or on your computer.

Getting started with Pogoplug

For starters, you will need an account. You just need to give them an emai-pogoplugl address and a password. This will be enough to create your account and get you to the links to download the apps you need to install.

The downloads

There are 2 downloads you will need: one to your desktop and one to your mobile device. I will be showing screen shots for Android, but here is a link to download the iOS version.

Click here or scan the QR code to download the Pogoplug from the Android market.


You will also want to download the desktop application.

You will need to log into your account on both your computer and your Android device.

Syncing your files

On your Android, your pictures will be automatically uploaded to the Pogoplug server. It took a while for the thumbnails to display though. Other than the images, nothing else automatically upload from the phone. You can manually upload videos, pictures, music and other files from your mobile device to your 5GB of cloud storage.

During the uploading, the original picture, instead of a resized version, is uploaded. Having the original uploaded to the cloud means you won’t need to worry about your photos getting lost if something happens to your mobile device.

auto upload-pogoplug

Also, if you have files on your computer you would like to access while mobile, you can drag and drop the files to the desktop application.

desktop upload-pogoplug-pogoplug

Streaming media

A really cool thing you can do with your synced audio and video media is stream them to your devices. If you have a song stored in your account, you can play the song as if it was on your phone. The same is true with videos you have uploaded to your cloud storage.

play song-pogoplug

If you have a lot of music stored and labeled well, you can even search by artist, genre, song or album title.



  • Automatic picture and video uploads
  • Streaming media from the cloud
  • Simple desktop app


  • Only pictures and videos can be uploaded from your Android


Pogoplug is a great work in progress. They have the right idea and have a great start. Right now it is great for those who want a spot to backup their pictures instantly and having some of their favorite mp3 files easily accessible.

If Pogoplug wants to play with the big boys like Google Music and Amazon’s cloud player and storage, they will need to add some features or at minimum allow better uploading options.

What cloud apps do you use to store and stream all of your digital media?

Trevor Dobrygoski
Trevor Dobrygoski

Trevor is a freelance writer covering topics ranging from the Android OS to free web and desktop applications. When he is not writing about mobile productivity, He is coaching and playing the world's greatest game... Soccer.

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