Playdeb Makes Game Installation In Ubuntu a Breeze


The popular has recently launched a new site Playdeb that allows Ubuntu users to find, install and update games easily.

Playdeb includes an APT software repository, and a games list that can be used to install games simply by clicking an install link. All the games are in deb format and Ubuntu users can easily install the package without the need to compile from source.

Installing Playdeb in Ubuntu

Playdeb requires AptURL to work. If you are using Ubuntu 7.10 and above, and update your system regularly, then you should have the latest version of AptURL. If not, download the AptURL package and install it in your Ubuntu.

Download the playdeb package and install it.

Once it’s done, go to Playdeb game list and pick the game you want. Click the Install link. It will then download the required game package and prompt you for installation of the game.

After the installation, you should find the new installed game in Applications->Games.

At this moment, even though most of the popular Linux games are found in the Playdeb repository, the number of games in the game list are still quite limited. I hope this will improve in the future.

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  1. Sorry, but just to correct you – the latest apturl package is only available on Ubuntu 8.10. 8.04 and 7.10 have older versions (because they’re more tested). So for now, 99% of the people should upgrade their apturl :)

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