Can’t Play Full-screen YouTube Video In Ubuntu Maverick 10.10? Try This Fix!

If you installed Ubuntu Maverick on a old computer with Intel graphics chipset, you will find that you won’t be able to watch YouTube video in full screen, regardless which browser you are using. Apparently, the problem lies with the embedded Flash player conflicts with the hardware acceleration.

For those who are having this problem, here’s the fix:

1. Disable hardware acceleration

1. Open your browser and go to Start playing your video.

2. Right click on the video and click Settings.


3. On the flash popup, uncheck “Enable Hardware Acceleration”. Click Close.


Restart your browser and play the video in full screen mode.

Overriding GPU validation

If the above trick does not work, here’s what you can do:

Open a terminal and type the following command:

Start your browser and play the video in full screen. It should work now.

Other options

If you are using Firefox, you can install the FlashVideoReplacer extension. It replaces the flash player with movie player and is able to play the video in full screen and in HD quality.

via Ubuntu Forum

image credit: smemon87

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  1. Thank you! You really saved my day, I just could’t fix this problem before! thank you agin!

    1. I am glad that it worked for you. It took some time for me to discover why it didn’t work and the solution is actually so simple.

  2. great solution and very simple! TNX, you help make the last week of the year go faster @ the office!

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