Place Reminder Note On Your Notification Bar in Android Phone

There are no shortage of to-do lists apps and note taking apps in Android market. However, few of them allow you to place a reminder note on the notification bar so you can easily check it with a quick swipe.

Notification Note is a simple note taking app that places your note on the notification bar so you can easily swipe down the top of the screen to reveal all your notes. It is especially useful for urgent to-do list, grocery list or things that need to be done quickly.

Download Notification Note from the market (Appbrain link).

The interface is very simple. All you can see is only a title line and a message field. Type in the subject and the content and press “Create note”. Your note will be sent to the notification bar instantly.



Below each note, there are two options: Sticky and Reminder. When you select Sticky, the note will stick onto the notification bar and cannot be cleared (until you remove it manually).

The Reminder option allows you to set a reminder alarm to go off at a preset interval.


At the moment, there is no option for you to set your own reminder time, like “2.14pm, 31st Oct 2010“. I hope it will get implemented in the next update.

To wrap up, Notification Notes is a simple app that sends your notes to the notification bar and make them stay there. It is definitely not the only only app in the market with such capabilities, but considering that it is free (and ad-free), simple, doesn’t take up too much of the storage space and it just works, there is really nothing to complain about. What do you think?

Image credit: Johan Larsson

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