PivotalTracker: The Project Management Web App for Teams

pivotaltracker-1While you will find numerous web apps online that let you manage projects, very few of them effectively incorporate collaboration features. In the end, you have to stick with a project management application that does not provide you with the convenience you require, thereby making it more time-consuming and less productive.

If you are looking for something that helps you keep track of the tasks in your projects as well as their progress, then you should check out a web app called PivotalTracker.


PivotalTracker is a wonderful project management application that will greatly satisfy project leaders. The app works by categorizing tasks into ones currently being worked on and ones in the backlog. By monitoring the rate at which you complete tasks i.e. your project’s velocity, the app automatically forwards tasks from the backlog into your current tasks list. With each task, you can make assignments and add descriptions, tags, and files. Task priorities can be indicated by marking a virtual value for the tasks. You can share your projects publicly and even add collaborators to your projects to work as a team. The information you process through PivotalTracker can be imported and exported through CSV files.


The first step in using PivotalTracker is to sign up for an account. You do this providing your name, email address and selecting a username. Optionally you can use your Google account to sign into the app.


After this step, you receive a confirmation email with an activation link. Once you have created an account and agreed to the site’s services agreement, it will bring you to the dashboard.

To get started, simply click on the “Create Project” button and fill out the details of the project you will be starting. While creating the project, you can choose whether or not to make it publicly visible.


Your project will then be created and you will be taken to the task management interface. Here you will find three columns corresponding to current tasks, your backlog, and an icebox for storing tasks. Since all three of these columns will be initially empty, you will have to create a new task. While entering the details for a new task, not only can enter a name, description, and tags but you can also attach files and make assignments to your project collaborators.


The newly created tasks will now appear in the Icebox.


You can click on the Start button on tasks and drag them to the Current column to indicate they are being worked on.


If at any time you would like to view the details of a task, you can place your mouse pointer over it and its details will be revealed.


Tasks are known as Stories on the site. Expanding a Story to edit its details reveals the publicly shareable URL that can be used to let others read your stories.


The tasks you begin can be completed using the Finish button that appears on them. Each completed task that has been worked on by you or a project member needs to be approved by the project creator. The approved tasks appear under the Done category of tasks. In case you want to view reports, add/remove members, and export/import project information using CSV files, you click on the Project menu in the top row of buttons.



The professional features of PivotalTracker come with a price tag attached. The free account last 60 days, after which you will need to opt for one of the premium accounts; these accounts begin from $7 per month, 3 collaborators, 5 private projects, and 1GB of file storage. To increase number of collaborators, project numbers, and total storage capacity you can go for other premium accounts offered.


Although PivotalTracker is not a free to use web app, the features it offers are completely worth the price tag attached. With its intuitive interface and categorization of tasks, this web app is the best one for managing projects that are being worked on by multiple people.



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