Pinterest For Android Now Available For Your Pinning Pleasure

Yup, you read that right. Pinterest is now available for your Android. What does that really mean? Well, you can see all of your boards, likes and best of all, you can upload your own stuff a lot easier. Let’s take a look at this long awaited Android application.

How Pinterest for Android is the same as the website

Just like on the site, you can see the stream of pins from the people you follow and see all of the pins as they happen. Scroll down the never ending wall and find the perfect craft or recipe or logo design inspiration.

You can easily view the images with a click on the image to Like, Comment or Repin an image.

How Pinterest for Android is Different from the Website

The main difference available on the Android application is pretty obvious. You have the ability to take a picture with your phone camera and immediately upload it to Pinterest. This will save the steps of uploading it somewhere, waiting until you get home, then pinning it. Just point, shoot and upload.

Using Pinterest for Android

The operation is pretty much the same as the website. Once you download Pinterest for Android, you will need to sign in using your Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest account info. From there, it is business as usual.


Currently, the pins load somewhat slowly, even on a faster Wi-Fi or cellular connection. I’m hoping this will get faster in further upgrades of the Android app. However, they do not load so slow it is horrible to use. I think the images in the Pinterest app load faster than my Facebook for Android most days.


Much like the site, you can add new friends from your Facebook account and you can also email them an invite. The options to check Yahoo, Google and Twitter for people using Pinterest are missing from the options though.


When you have something you’d like to pin, Pinterest is now in your sharing menu as a place to upload the image. The option to upload an image as a pin is also available in the Pinterest app. When you are viewing the stream of pins from everyone you follow, there is the option to create pin at the top left corner of the window. Using either option will let you add your pin to the board of your choice along with a description and let your Facebook and Twitter followers see it.


Final thoughts

The most spectacular thing about the Pinterest app for Android is THERE IS A PINTEREST APP FOR ANDROID!!! The Pinterest application doesn’t really offer anything over going to the website other than it is much easier to use than Pinterest in a mobile browser. While this is just the first official release, I am sure there will be additional features and increased speed in the future revisions of the app.

What would you like the to see in future upgrades to the Pinterest app for Android?

Pinterest for Android

Trevor Dobrygoski
Trevor Dobrygoski

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